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helmeygriffin helmeygriffin 2 years

Merida is still a princess... just sayin'.

BonitaHall BonitaHall 3 years
Yes, some of these are powerful role models, but you do have to consider that some of these characters are also very "feminine" by Kimberly still needs Tommy to save her.
EmiliaKoiler1370721671 EmiliaKoiler1370721671 3 years
Everyone is complaining about the fact that there are a couple princesses in here. So what? They can be a good role model even as a princess! Who cares? This list is more about movies with good role models than movies without princesses. And if a little girl likes princesses, why can't she like them? We make a big deal about them getting to play football and get dirty, but what if THEY DONT WANT TO?!? For heavens sake people, stop arguing!
Dusty1375134754 Dusty1375134754 3 years
My Neighbor Totoro- a wonderful story about Satsuki and Mei who meet some forest spirits, deal with disappointment (mom doesn't come home from the hospital when expected) and have a deep sisterly love. Fern Gully- a cartoon with a eco-friendly message. Crysta, a young faerie who saves the day. Secret Garden: Mary, orphan sent to live in her uncle's castle-esque estate in India, is intelligent, independent and easily reconnoiters the manor's secrets. Charlotte's Web: Two of the wisest, loving and heartfelt characters (Charlotte and Fran) work to save Wilbur from the eventualities of live stock. The Croods: A visually stunning way to tell a love story between a father and daughter. Labyrinth: A young woman makes a wish that her baby brother was gone. The goblin king took him so she has to rescue him. Visually amazing, some good songs and magic. Bedknobs and Broomsticks: It's a classic for a reason. Madiline: A bright and curious little girl who finds herself in predicament after another. A Simple Wish: A little girl with her bumbling faerie godfather, who accidentally turns her father into a statue, must get the wands back from the evil Claudia. Nanny McPhee: Nanny McPhee is a coarse looking woman who teaches rambunctious kids how to be nice. Ramona and Beezus: Ramona makes trouble but means well. She is a typical 9 year old. It is also a great opening for reading the Ramona series with your youngster. Any of the American Girl series...
Susan15112746 Susan15112746 3 years
I must be missing something. I don't see the list or a link
LauraGomezDeCid LauraGomezDeCid 3 years
2 of my daughter's favorite movies are on here, Brave and Mulan. We love watching them together and I do love the messages in these movies.
MomOfTwo0516 MomOfTwo0516 3 years
Clearly you haven't watched the movies because Merida and Fiona are princesses and it is refreshing to see a strong princess. Mulan becomes a princess if she marries the prince she fell in love with. There is nothing wrong with princesses. Also, power rangers, Really? why not spongebob.
CoMMember13629082754342 CoMMember13629082754342 3 years
Shrek? Terrible choice for little girls. Full of rude humor, stereotypes, and sexual innuendo. 12 and up, maybe.
Gisel14951925 Gisel14951925 3 years
Ok so where is the link???
Norine15105387 Norine15105387 3 years
I'd also make the argument that Annie is an "American" princess -- orphan girl saved by bazillionaire? C'mon. Whoever mentioned Pippi Longstocking is right on the money. Fantastic story. And how 'about Anne of Green Gables? She's a fabulous role model of a feisty -- and fire-haired -- girl who went her own way regardless of what people thought. One of my favorite fictional characters ever. Or how 'bout Hermione in the most popular children's series ever -- Harry Potter. At every turn, she out thought and out maneuvered the guys. Harry may have been the "chosen" one but he'd still be figuring out how to get the Sorcerer's Stone were it not for Hermione's brains -- a fact he readily, and frequently, acknowledged. And lastly, I'd argue that Annabeth in the Percy Jackson series is a pretty good role model too. Not sure they ever made a movie of this but Harriet of the Harriett The Spy books provides a good, non-princessy role model as well. I'm sure there are others that I haven't even thought of. Stop looking to Disney. They're in the princess business. There are other models elsewhere.
CLWaller27025 CLWaller27025 3 years
"Alice in Wonderland"? Honestly! A political satire that makes little sense without the "Cliff's Notes"? I think not!
Um 2 for sure have princesses in them the other one is Mulan...she's not a princess but if you go to any Disney Store you'll fined her lined up with the other princesses thus making her a princess of sorts.... hmmm this story wasn't what I was expecting I'm a little disappointed
JenniferBarnes73423 JenniferBarnes73423 3 years
I call BS on the whole "personal story". Any kid that grows up in a house that supports what they love and is interested in would never go to school and cry because they didn't look like everyone else. It isn't society's fault that your friend hasn't been doing her job as a parent right. Princesses and frill and lace have been around since forever. It's our job as parents to decide how much of all of it our kids watch. We are also the ones responsible for making sure that our children feel comfortable being themselves. My daughter went as princess Vader for Halloween this year because she couldn't decide between her two favorite things: princesses and star wars. This entire website is a troll.
SallyBackhaus SallyBackhaus 3 years
Merida and Fiona are princesses. The closest thing any Power Rangers episode has to a plot is hit the giant foam monster. The other's (that I know) are good, but way too much emphasis in our children's lives is placed (by adults) on media. At some point in the last couple generations we seem to have decided that kids magically became too stupid to tell reality from fantasy. My kids don't need to get their role models from TV. They have real people to look up to.
BonnieCarter4870 BonnieCarter4870 3 years
Shrek has Princess Fiona!
KimiBeltram KimiBeltram 3 years
We should embrace the things our daughters care about most not tear them down.
Heather-Owen Heather-Owen 3 years
My twelve year old looked through these movies and to of these movies have a princess in them. The other movie that its being grouped with them is Mulan and while she is NOT a princess Disney does group her with them making her one of their in current princesses in toys and clothing. I think it is said that the child mentioned above felt that she couldn't wear her Power Ranger outfit because everyone else is a princess, but every child should get to choose what they want. My child (when she was six) went to school dressed as a mushroom from Mario Bros. She was so cute, most of the girls were Tinkerbell my kid didn't care she wanted to be Toadstool so she was. I think letting girls pretend to be princesses and like frills and lace is fine. Letting your daughter wear jeans and T-shirt is fine too, my daughter wears all of it. She sometimes looks like a prom night and others like she is heading out play football...still other days she mixes it all together. I think patents should let the kids watch what they (the parents) deem fit and teach individuality!!
TinaConstable TinaConstable 3 years
Omg for god sake what a load of poop... Seriously... Why can't we allow our children to have what we had at their age... Dreams are what makes us who we are... Why can't they watch what we did, it's a friggin cartoon and the morals of the story are that no matter what life throws at as we can still be who we want to be... Leave a child be a child and don't force upon them that those stories are just stories and their dreams will never come true... It's you that's killing their dreams not a movie... Let them be a child and see children's films!! They are not children for long!!
KirstyPhillips KirstyPhillips 3 years
People view princess movies in the wrong way.... yes classic Cinderella and Snow Whites are old fashioned and stereotypical BUT they were created in an era where that's how women were viewed..... take other Disney Princesses for example- Ariel is talented, adventurous and feisty, Belle is intelligent, kind and brave, Tiana though she doesn't start off as a princess becomes one yet never loses her drive and her work hard ethic, Rapunzel is another who has talent, a desire for adventure and bravery, Jasmine is rebellious.... and Merida really breaks the mould of frilly dresses and "girly-ness" ... these are the examples and messages we should take from Princesses instead of focussing on the happy, ever after..... though what's wrong with finding someone who'll love you I don't know, isn't that what being human is about in the end? My little girl adores princess movies, she's a classic girly girl BUT that doesn't stop her putting on her Ninja Turtles mask and testing out her ninja skills! Our daughters will take what lessons WE give them from life. Let fairy tales be just that!
ErinLafleur ErinLafleur 3 years
I laugh because my 5 year old daughter doesn't like the "classic" disney princesses. This year she went as Vanellope VonShweets from Wreck it Ralph who although she finds out she is a princess looks in disgust at the frilly dress, shakes it off and decides to change things so she was a president instead of princess. My daughter also LOVES Mulan (who isn't a princess) and Jasmine who although is a princess is a little spunkier than your classic Cinderella, Snow White or others. Really I have no problem with whatever she choses though, she should hold her head high in cofidence whether a princess or something else. As far as this list it has some great ones but one I definitely would have added to this list would be Pippi Longstocking. We love that movie!
TanyaMull TanyaMull 3 years
I am not really sure how it is such a big deal, I have a daughter who loves pink and purple crowns and lace. I know plenty of women who love fairytale movies. That is what they are fairy tales. Meant to be make believe. It is the job of the parent to give their daughter the confidence and self respect that weather they want to wear a power rangers costume or a pink lace dress with a crown. They by no means are pigeon holed into what their adult life will be like. I am appalled that princess movies would get the responsibility of causing a girl to "wait around for Prince Charming". Get a grip ladies!! These little girls are just that little girls let them express whatever they want! I certainly thin u may want to watch the movie Annie over the message is the same!
MelissaOquendo MelissaOquendo 3 years
"12 Movies Perfect For Gradeschoolers (With Nary a Princess in Sight)"... are you kidding me? THREE of those 12 are princess movies. It's a list of 12 movies, 3 of which happen to be princess movies. Why bother trying to put a 'no princess' label on this list, when it's so clearly incorrect. Ridiculous.
AlaneStolkovich AlaneStolkovich 3 years
So, 3 of these are princess movies...duh!
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