When my doctor told me I needed weekly nonstress tests due to excess amniotic fluid, I assumed I would dread them as they would become another task to add to my already insanely hectic schedule. In one week alone, I've attended a wedding in Sun Valley, ID, celebrated my birthday, moved houses, and attended two doctor's appointments.

As I sat at my house waiting on the cable guy, my nanny chatted my ear off and I chummed it up with my friendly neighbor. All the while, I needed to finish some work and do one final sweep of my old place. Amid it all, I begrudgingly rushed off for my nonstress test. Not knowing what to expect, I was hooked up to the same type of monitors as I was during labor. The nurse turned off the lights and instructed me to relax on the table for 30 minutes. Ahem? I perked up and excitedly agreed to the tough order. Uninterrupted time to myself where I am forced to stop and breathe seemed like an unattainable dream come true. It turns out that getting away for a nonstress test may be just what the doctor and mama ordered. I can't wait for next week's appointment! Stress, what stress?