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5 Weird (but Normal) Kid Behaviors

When bloggers told us about the weird things their kids do, they revealed some seriously hilarious and strange behaviors — from licking grocery carts to constant quacking! Circle of Moms members describe their kids doing some pretty strange things, too. The good news is that as bizarre as some of these kid behaviors may seem, many of them are pretty normal.

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1. "My son won't stop sticking things in his nose!"

Shannen C.'s concern about her 2-year-old's habit of putting random items up his nose was met with the cyber-equivalent of moms nodding in complete understanding. Circle of Moms members share that their children stuck everything from Tic Tacs to toy dinosaurs up their noses during the toddler years.

It may be weird, but this is pretty normal behavior for kids age 4 and under. Most moms worry more about how to remove the object than the behavior itself. If your child is having trouble breathing, head straight for the emergency room. If not, renowned pediatrician Dr. Sears recommends trying tweezers, steamy showers, or the age-old "pinch one nostril shut, close the mouth, and blow" maneuver.


2. "My 6-year-old thinks it is super-hilarious to run around naked."

Mom Kristin doesn't find her son's penchant for nudity as funny as he does. And though she has explained it's not appropriate, the clothes still keep coming off. It may seem weird, but it's normal behavior — up to a point. According to a report by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, it's very common for preschoolers to remove their clothes and run free.

It's not until they're about 7 that children develop a sense of modesty. Mom Tamara S. adds that she thinks it's more of a "boy thing" and says her four boys are much less modest than her nieces.

3. "Is it normal for a 6-year-old to talk to herself all the time?"

It may seem like a weird behavior, but it's not only normal — it's beneficial! A researcher named Adam Winsler discovered that kids who talk themselves through tasks perform those tasks better. Plus, researchers at Yale found that kids with imaginary friends get along better with real kids, too.

The Circle of Moms member who asked this question, Lana V., clarified that her daughter (an only child) was actually talking to imaginary friends, but that it still worried her. A number of moms reassured her that their kids also talk to themselves.

4. "He asks the same question over and over even after I have answered him!"

This weird behavior drives Sharon A. crazy when her son does it and worries Autum F. when her son does it. Repetitive asking can be very annoying, but it's not completely out of the norm, especially among preschoolers. As a mom named Michelle points out, sometimes kids are looking for more detailed answers or are having trouble putting their thoughts into the right words.

It could also be that your child just wants your attention or needs you to explain yourself differently. In some cases, though, repetitive questioning can be a sign that your child isn't processing auditory information correctly, so if it continues or your child seems anxious and worried by their own questioning, check in with your pediatrician.

5. "I do feed him but for some reason he chews on his shirt sleeve or collar."

Mom Denise S.'s way of expressing her son's weird habit is amusing, but when your child's shirts are sopping wet and pulled out of shape because of the chewing, it doesn't seem so funny.

Don't worry, though, because your child probably isn't the only one doing it. As one mom, Jaime R., explains, it's a comfort thing that relieves anxiety, kind of like nail biting does. Most kids will outgrow this messy habit by the end of elementary school.

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