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Norwegian Cruise Line Refuses to Refund Family's Vacation

Cruise Line Refuses to Reschedule Family's Trip After Son's Cancer Diagnosis

The Colucci family couldn't wait for their Summer trip — a cruise aboard the Norwegian Breakaway. But a few weeks before the family set sail, they received heartbreaking news. Their 5-year-old son Nicholas was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, a type of liver cancer. The child had to undergo several surgeries and begin chemotherapy, forcing the family to put their trip on hold. The Coluccis contacted Norwegian Cruise Line in hopes of rescheduling their trip when Nicholas recovered but were told no. According to the company's cancellation policy, customers who do not purchase traveler's insurance are subject to pay a cancellation fee. In the Colucci family's case, that meant forking over the full $4,000 they spent on the cruise.

"It's just unbelievable that a multimillion dollar company wouldn't be more compassionate," Nicholas's mom, Tara, tells a local news station. Tara took to Facebook to share her story, receiving lots of sympathy and support from the community. Some even created a Facebook page begging Norwegian Cruise Line to change its mind. If the company sticks to its policy, there's still a chance the Coluccis can enjoy their dream vacation. FOX News reports that a CEO of another popular cruise line has offered the family a free cruise.

To see what Norwegian Cruise Line has to say on the issue, read the full story on Huffington Post.

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MarshaMais MarshaMais 3 years

I've been on a cruise before. I also have a daughter who had cancer and she's still finishing up clinicals after being I remission for 3 years. And trust me, you expect the unexpected and get the damned travelers insurance. That's one hell of an investment to not put insurance on. I pity their circumstance. Hell I fully sympathize with what they're going through. But I don't pity their short sighted choice.

sarinapierce sarinapierce 3 years

Heather, that's a heartless response. How could they plan for their son to get sick especially with cancer? And that travel insurance can cost almost as much as the trip itself, maybe they could afford that, I know the one cruise I have been on I had to save for over 2 years just to afford it, and could not afford the insurance. I will NEVER travel on Norwegian.

HeatherPeters39220 HeatherPeters39220 3 years

Its a hard fact, and it stinks, but this is the exact reason they offer the insurance. Sometimes we have to live with the consequences of our choices and sometimes those consequences don't seem fair. It is what it is though.

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