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Mommy Alert! Lighters or Toys?

The number of lead laden toys available to our tots is frightening. But can you imagine ignitable "toys"?

Not actually toys, these wacky lighters can easily be mistaken for them. Manufacturers have crafted novelty igniters in shapes of butterflies, motorcycles, Santas, dogs, and frogs, to name a few. Unfortunately, these fire starters have unintentionally found their way into smaller hands.

To find out what is being done about it,


Because children are intrigued by the novelty items, the National Association of State Fire Marshals is fighting to ban their U.S. presence. Since the European Union is moving to prohibit the lighters, some fear the U.S. will be overloaded with the menacing creations. At the forefront, California, Arkansas and Washington already have local ordinances to keep the pesky flamers off the shelves. Even the Lighter Association, a national trade group, now supports laws to ban the lighters.

Opposing parties (i.e. distributors of the product) make a legitimate point that many dangerous household items (knives for example) can make their way into baby's hands and that it's up to the parents to watch their children. Though it is debatable when the dangerous item looks like a cuddly teddy bear.

According to MSNBC,

John Gibson, a novelty lighter distributor, claims his lighters are all tested for child safety, and in many cases are safer than regular lighters. Gibson chalked up complaints about novelty lighters to "overzealous fire marshals around the country.

What do you think about a lighter ban?


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Bee333 Bee333 9 years
I don't smoke, so it's not like I use lighters often if at all. I think those pictured are neat. Many lighters don't even have lids and are ugly. I think as far as children playing with them--there's always someone somewhere who misuses a product. As children, my brother was fascinated--mesmerized--with lighting matches over our burning barrel, fire. Families have had 'fireplaces' of some form in or near homes since the beginning of time. I think it comes down to responsibility. I've seen fire pokers/tools with dog's heads and other creatures. The lighters above don't look like they're intentionally soft and fuzzy to appeal to small children, maybe kids/teens who smoke. We need to teach our children right from wrong and store things accordingly. My children do not get into my knives. Never had any interest in them, and may not even know where they are. I mean, you could make a laundry list of dangerous household items...razors, adult gummy skincare vitamins, medications, household cleaners, home paint, gas and electric corners! I think I'd raise my brow if the lighters looked like actual toys and had 0 child safety on them. How are they any less safe than regular cheap lighters? Fires in homes aren't started only by novelty lighters. Children are fascinated by FIRE.
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