God said, "Let there be light," but he didn't say it had to be a high voltage fluorescent one beaming from a heinous fixture in baby's room. One of the easiest ways to quickly improve the state of a nursery is to install a new light fixture. With all of the options floating around, you can't go wrong. There's one to fit every style and budget.

  • Simple: For a room that has details in every nook and cranny, it's nice to keep the lighting simple with a pendant lamp from Serena and Lily ($169).
  • Modern: If baby's room has the Ouef crib and she's rollin' in the Orbit stroller. Keeping with the modern theme. Design Within Reach ($300) has a balloon fixture that will complement baby's style.
  • Classic: If you're more the MacLaren type with gingham bedding, you might like a chandelier that passes the test of time from Pottery Barn Kids ($129). You can buy the different shades ($9) to match it up to the rest of your decor.
  • Funky Cool: For those who have created a wicked cool nursery and don't mind throwing some cash towards the glow, invest in the sweet Anthropologie Bird chandelier ($798). We know it's a hefty price to pay but those lil birds are heavenly.
  • Luxurious: Melania Trump's nursery made you all a flutter. If you crave Baron's style with gold gilded angels and drapes touching the ground, luxury is your middle name. Your prince or princess deserves the best with a Bellacor antique style lamp ($461).

If you know someone handy, they might be able to install it for you. If not, don't fret — most electricians can install a light fixture in no time. Pretty soon your (I mean baby's) nursery will look like the dreamland you always imagined.