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Nursing Bras Moms Need

5 Nursing Bras to Add to Your New Mama Wardrobe

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Your breasts definitely feel the effects of pregnancy and mommyhood. Almost from conception, they begin to swell, and before you know it, not one of your bras will fit. And just when you think they couldn't get any bigger, your baby is born, your milk comes in, and the fun really begins. I woke up from a nap in the hospital three days after my daughter was born, and my boobs had literally grown three cup sizes in less than an hour. Ouch!

While some new moms walk around topless because of the uncomfortable feeling of engorgement and the irritation of having to undress so often with a seemingly constantly hungry newborn, eventually you're going to want to cover your boobs (or, as my hubby so delicately calls them, "milkers"). A great nursing bra can be your "breast" friend (couldn't resist). Here are five that will round out your bra wardrobe during breastfeeding.

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