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Nuts May Cause Asthma

Did You Eat Nuts While Pregnant?

A new Dutch study found that pregnant women consuming any sort of nut product on a daily basis may be putting their unborn child at risk for developing asthma. Published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, the study followed more than 4,000 pregnant women, tracked their eating habits, and the diets of the children from birth until age eight. Epidemiologist at Utrecht University, Saskia Willers said:

Children whose mothers ate as little as one peanut butter sandwich a day had a far higher risk of asthma. . . If you eat moderately, it is probably not a problem. It is only if you eat nuts or nut products on a daily basis.

Did you eat nuts when you were pregnant?

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caws caws 9 years
I used to eat peanut butter everyday. Now that I'm pregnant, just thinking about it makes me queasy. Maybe in the second trimester, peanut butter will sound better!
ufshutterbabe ufshutterbabe 9 years
There was a story on NPR not too long ago about allergies and this very peanut debate. Can't remember the doc's name, but he was talking about a study where they compared Jewish kids in England with Jewish kids born in Israel (where the common "baby cereal" type food contains peanuts, and most every baby consumes a lot of it before they turn 1) - the babies from Israel were far less likely to be allergic to peanuts. One of the theories is that its better to eat A LOT of peanut-products when they are younger, to prevent allergies from developing. He also touched on the roasted vs not roasted thing schnappycat mentioned (other countries where they eat large quantities of peanuts and have lower allergic rates tend to eat un-roasted peanuts). So, I wonder if this new study looked at amount/type of peanuts consumed. And to add to the Belgian interpretation (thanks Undo) - if there's already asthma/allergies in your family, isn't your baby more likely to have those passed on (genetically) regardless of what you eat while pregnant?
KerryG KerryG 9 years
Yes, and I don't think twice about it, although I don't eat them daily. This time around, I'm thinking about keeping sushi, too, because I've heard that Japanese women keep eating it, and may actually eat MORE when they're pregnant because fish is so nutritious. I figure I don't eat it that often and I prefer it a little bit seared anyway, so I'm really having a hard time seeing the problem with it.
macneil macneil 9 years
Oh god, yes, I have been. I read the mediterranean diet, high in nuts and oils, was really good for babies, so did this time, avoided them last time.
honey693 honey693 9 years
I eat pb every day. I also eat *gasp* cold lunch meat, medium rare steak and a few other no no foods. Until someone can give me actual stats on these foods instead of just saying they're bad I'll eat them. Alcohol I avoid b/c they can actually back up the argument and provide statistics that says yes it can harm your child, but medium rare steak? They can't do it. Driving in a car probably carries a higher risk to your unborn child, but no one is telling us not to ride in cars.
jessie jessie 9 years
what? what will come up next on not to eat or drink? you can only do so much to prevent things, whether you stop eating nuts or not, the child can still get asthma. i think they take things a bit to far, it scares alot of first time parents. nothing can predict the future, you can only do so much.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
Regularly and I'm not at all worried. In a couple years, a study will come along that refutes this one, and we'll be warned not to do something else.
westendgrrrl westendgrrrl 9 years
i'm 26 weeks pregnant with my second boy. all these studies, facts, polls are making my head spin! i'm beginning to feel like anything i eat, drink or breathe is going to damage my baby! why do they want to scare us so?
schnappycat schnappycat 9 years
I ate tons of peanut butter while pregnant because it was a good, high energy snack and easy for me. Plus, I had also heard that it might reduce the chance my son would be allergic. Of course, I got worried when I heard about this study when the journal arrived in my husband's mail. However, he is a pulmonologist and said he thinks there are some flaws in this study and not too worry too much. He also spoke to one of his allergist colleagues who said that roasted nuts, which I don't think are used in most peanut butter, were slightly more concerning. I guess time will tell, but there isn't much I can do now. I guess if my son does get asthma, my husband can hook him up with some of the best pediatric pulmonologists in the country and knows what to look for and how to best treat it. And then I can avoid nuts next pregnancy.
undo undo 9 years
i live in Belgium (next to the Netherlands (where the rapport comes from) the rapport here says --> "if there is allot of asthma or food-allergies in you're family, you better should not eat nuts" ps: i don't why but for some kind of reason, about 40% of my Dutch friends are allergic to peanuts? of my Belgian friend maybe 1%
mini_pixie mini_pixie 9 years
i was thinking the same thing, anniebananie, i had heard the same study. personally with my first pregnancy, all proteins tasted so yucky that the only way i could get any was through peanut butter and milk, so i ate it a bunch. this time around, i'm still able to eat meat but i just love peanut butter! it's like my favorite food. But although my daughter has had 2 wheezing episodes so far (she's now 2 1/2), they both coincided with upper-respiratory infection (RSV specifically), so i'm not sure whether this will affect her or not.
Mystofflyn Mystofflyn 9 years
Thank You anniebananie. I really appreciated that article! So we have a choice, kid has asthma but no allergies, or kid can breathe but being near a nut kills them. I'm 16 weeks pregnant right now, and I'm getting so many conflicting studies and info, I'm about ready to just go into the hospital and have myself hooked up to a feeding tube. Then the older generation is constantly telling me 'oh we ate those things and you kids turned out fine.' What's a preggo woman to do?
jenniiag jenniiag 9 years
I wish the "news" would stop promoting these studies that just freak out us pregnant women. If you can't define "moderate" don't tell us to only eat moderate amounts. Good grief...
anniebananie anniebananie 9 years
here is the article it's similar to the one that I read at the docs office
Gabriela14815884 Gabriela14815884 9 years
I don't really eat nuts so its not really an issue.
anniebananie anniebananie 9 years
Huh? Yesterday I was reading a magazine at the doctor's office and it said that women who consume peanuts, shellfish, and dairy while pregnant have a better chance of having a kid who is not allergic to those items, it said something about the fetus developing immunity towards it. I'll try to find it and post the link, i'm pretty sure it was on a WebMD magazine
secrethoughts secrethoughts 9 years
Omg...soft cheese, deli meat, sushi, and now peanut butter and nuts? Ugh...what's left?!
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
i didnt my mom and all her church friends said all nuts where bad, so now im glad i listened
RadishSalad RadishSalad 9 years
Oh no! I love peanut butter sandwiches! I hope that doesn't become MY food when I'm prego. I eat them enough NOW. Now I'm all worried. Not that I'm going to be pregnant for a long long long time. :) Hehe.
KaiLynLyn KaiLynLyn 9 years
My morning routine was usually a whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter and bananas.
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