Malia and Sasha Obama have already been promised a puppy by their president-elect papa, Barack, and as America's first daughters, we're sure many luxuries will be afforded to them. But every slumber party thrown at the White House comes with a price says a recent CNN article — the girls will grow up in the public eye and under the watch of their parents and the Secret Service. The piece discussed the media scrutiny and antics that long haunted past presidential kids. To see what they are known for,

. It said:

Theodore Roosevelt's children used to like to drop water balloons on foreign dignitaries, Wead said. They also let their pet snake slither around the White House dining room.

John F. Kennedy Jr. was known for hiding under his father's Oval Office desk. His older sister, Caroline, had a pony who romped untethered around the White House grounds.

President Abraham Lincoln's youngest son, Thomas, used to startle everyone in the building by making all the White House bells ring at one time.

These tidbits make me think the walls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are alive with childhood history.