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Obese Third-Grader Taken From Family Because of His Weight

Obese Third-Grader Taken From Family Because of His Weight

Back in July, we shared the news here that Harvard University researchers were suggesting that severely obese children be removed from their homes and placed in foster care, for their own health.

The topic is making the headlines again after an Ohio third-grader who weighs more than 200 pounds was taken from his family and placed into foster care. County social workers said his mother wasn't doing enough to control his ballooning weight. The boy's devastated mother, an elementary school teacher, is fighting the move, insisting she had been trying to limit her son's diet.

Read the whole story (FOX News)

Have you had any success getting your child to lose unhealthy weight?

Image Source: iStock via Fox News

SallyMarshall90625 SallyMarshall90625 5 years
educate the mother don't punish the child by rrmoving him.
TabathaCady TabathaCady 5 years
I only have one question for everyone.... Do you realize how expensive it is to eat "healthy"? Potatoes, pasta, nuggets, mac & cheese. Those are the options for people with low income! Eat those Items and don't get fat, I DARE YOU.
AngelaGonzalez6402 AngelaGonzalez6402 5 years
That child deserves better home. There is no reason why any 8 yr old should ever weigh more than 100lbs. What kind of parent lets their child get as far as weighing over 200lbs? Obviously they didn't take enough action in the past to get this child to be tremendously obese.
RhonaCowie RhonaCowie 5 years
This is a disgrace. What about parents who smoke? Or take drugs or are alcoholics? Many children are left in very dangerous situations . Obesity has reached epidemic proportions with 60%of the population being classed as obese. The psychological trauma and long term effects of children in'care' are well documented. I put 'care' in inverted commas as it often turns out to be anything but. The parents must be distraught. There are many causes of obesity. Not necessarily parental neglect or abuse
MistyColeman18003 MistyColeman18003 5 years
I agree with Marla. Until YOU people have been in the situation quit being judgemental! I did not have serious weight issues as a child/teen but I did experience traumas in my life that caused me to use food as a way of pushing down my emotions. I would sneak food and hide it so my mother did not know, so all of you passing judgement need to shut your mouths because kids will sneak things if they want them bad enough! Not to mention are you going to keep your kids from ever going to friend's houses or birthday parties, etc? Or are you going to further humiliate your child by telling every other parent of their friends to limit their food? Even if you did you can't be sure that other parents would follow your rules. Their are so many things to actually consider and you should be aware of all the facts before you condemn somebody else. Are all of you perfect parents? I doubt it so don't cast any stones, you never know when you could be in a similar situation! And I doubt any one if you really want someone to take away your kid!
CoMMember13610399838898 CoMMember13610399838898 5 years
I thought I read somewhere about this child having prior breathing problems. Could the meds. be the cause of the overweight?
MichelleMayes MichelleMayes 5 years
Shawn - so are we going to be removing anorexic children from their homes? I haven't heard of those cases when the parent is SEEKING HELP. It infuriates me that the foster mother is offered all the extra assistance to be motivated for appointments (above and beyond what she's paid simply to care for the child) but if mom has issues with that we just yank the child. In this time, where it is a struggle for all families we're penalizing a poor woman for being poor. What will be next, taking healthy weight children away from parents because they're not setting a proper example? If we really are serious about helping kids then we are going to try first WITHIN the family. Foster care is traumatizing to most children, and should be a last resort and it does not seem like Ohio is using it as a last resort.
MimiBrown87612 MimiBrown87612 5 years
So, they will take a kid away for being overweight but people can abuse their child by smoking in their homes and cars? There is something so screwed up about this.
LisaHand63755 LisaHand63755 5 years
Everyone is so quick to judge...I have a daughter that's chubby, one that's average, and another that's thin. I'm sure the mom wasn't feeding her son donut burgers for dinner. This boy will still be overweight in foster care, except now he's without his family and home.
LoisBeasleyCarlisle LoisBeasleyCarlisle 5 years
I had a child that was overweight but not quite 200 lbs. I remember cooking dinner for some friends and I gave my daughter 1/2 a baked potato at dinner. She cried and pitched such a fit that my friend said she can have mine. I explained to him I was controlling how much she ate because she was overweight. Until you deal with a child that won't quit eating you have no idea what a parent is going thru. To take a child out of a home without offering that family help is preposterous and goes way over the bounds of human decency. Whos to say that foster home is going to be any better and now the child is going to have mental and emotional problems as well to deal with as if being overweight and being made fun of at school wasn't enough. DHR won't always get involved when they should and this sounds like a case where they went overboard. If the many other steps that have been suggested here by comments weren't taken, they should have been taken. I would have welcomed help with my daughter. I put her in a weight loss program and literally tried everything. Until she was mentally ready to loose weight it wasn't going to happen. Now she's 18 and looks like a model because she decided to loose.
pujanagpal97856 pujanagpal97856 5 years
No normal 8 year old can weigh as much even if he tries ! There's something wrong with the child..emotionally or physically ...that has to be determined before getting into the debate of how fair the foster care is for such a child. This could swing either ways ..could destroy or make him. it's a gamble..and is in no way better that him being at home with his ignorant mother. Something has to be done for the child but taking him away from his mother is definitely not the solution cuz she needs counselling more than him.
BeckyLovdahl BeckyLovdahl 5 years
It is kind of sad for these children, but I blame the TV games like WII or XBox and ect. Our kids are playing all these games and not outside playing and running or riding their bikes. You cannot blame the parents neither because maybe where they live it might not be safe to play outside. Like I said it is sad, limit your children on game inside and let them play outside. My heart goes out to the children, for they are the ones that suffers.
ChloeNeubert ChloeNeubert 5 years
There is such a lack of education out there, first of all our government has never given birth to a child, so why should we look to them for child care. I've fostered, and believe me the child welfare system is broken, I will no longer be a part of destroying these children's lives! Obesity comes in so many forms, and for so many reasons, there is not a blanket solution to dealing with childhood obesity. My own grandfather was 180 pounds at the age of 10, his mother fed him the best she knew how, and he knew she loved him. As an adult he searched for his own answers in regard to his health, and at the age of 64 weighted 180, healthier than he'd ever been as a child. Folks, start reading labels, when you see a bunch of unreadable ingredients, chances are you're consuming to many chemicals. For one example,nearly all fast food, and prepared foods have MSG in them, are you aware that MSG is used in labs to make obese rats and mice for testing drugs on for diabetics? Rats and mice are not usually fat! Get yourselves educated before judging how other people should run their lives, show some compassion!
ThereseMeuel ThereseMeuel 5 years
As some one who was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes almost 2 years ago but reveresed the diagnosis by my next doctors appt 3 months later I have some insight into this subject. It was not easy and required getting on the web and doing lots of research to find out what I needed to eat to reverse the years of poor nutrition but I did it with no help from a certified nutitionist or personal trainer. I had great motivation as my Dad has been a diabetic my whole life and I have seen the long term impact. The entire family needs to get educated and start eating healthy not just the 8 year old or it will never change. You cannot ask one person in a family to eat correctly in correct portion sizes while the rest continue on being unhealthy. If the child doesn't have access to fattening and unhealthy foods he would lose weight. Nutritianal counseling for the whole family and a gym membership would have been money better spent before going to the costly and damaging step of removing the child. If things didn't change after a reasonable amount of time with that additional support then do what must be done to save the child from a lifetime of health problems.
TINAWHITE22168 TINAWHITE22168 5 years
Look up Prader- Willi syndrome. Children NEVER feel full. They will eat EVERYTHING in the house and still not feel full. Their systems tell them they are STARVING to death and drive them to eat. Don't judge when you don't have the whole story.
StephanieMullins40168 StephanieMullins40168 5 years
I was torn on if it was right or wrong at first but I think its best for the kid to be in a household thats going to make sure hes healthy. On average 8 year old boys should weigh around 56.77 pounds ( And we all know it depends on height shorter usually = less and taller = more give or take. Either way the boy is at most 145 pounds over weight! Thats what I, a 26 year old woman measuring 5'4", weighed 3 years after having my first child! Theres is no reason a little kid should weigh that much! I'm not saying the mother doesn't love her child, and as we all know its a lot easier to gain weight than it is to lose it, but how do you knot try to avoid it sooner? Weighing 145 lbs more than you should doesn't happen over night. And true he didn't show signs of obese complications now but how long till he will if he continues down this track? And if they wait till he got there wouldn't it already be too late? She should feel lucky they let her still see him.
TahlithaAndrews TahlithaAndrews 5 years
I think this is ridiculous ... they are going to take a child from a loving home because they are overweight, and the mother is saying she is trying to limit his diet ... but there are hundreds of homes where the parents are crack heads and they get to keep their children .... where are the morals in that???
SotaniaBell SotaniaBell 5 years
I'm actually shocked the childs parent is a school teacher, she knows better.
SuzanneCollyer SuzanneCollyer 5 years
In my opinion, taking a well-adjusted, albeit obese, child out of his home will not help his weight. Education should be the key here, and social services should have a department for nutrition counseling and follow-up in the home if there is that dire of a situation. Where was the child's pediatrician in all this?
KathleenRoland691 KathleenRoland691 5 years
I have always been heavy on diet after diet, followed by a dietician, nothing has helped I even gained weight on the slimfast diet. My kids are heavy but we do not has junk food in the house. They do not eat constantly either. My son just turned 12 and he weighs 210 and is 5' 9" he is very large for his age. My twins are taking vitamins and watching what they eat. They do not understand why they can't eat like their friends and stay thin like them. They go outside and play and my son has started getting up early just to do Richard Simmons workouts. I think kids are just built differently. Look at some of the thin kids in 20 years and see how thing they are and the heavy kids may be thin. You need to guide your children but your are not with them 24/7 and see what they eat at school. I think if the states wants to foster the kid why don't they save some money and help the family. Get them a doctor to help find out if the kid has a disease or is just one of the unlucky ones that are going to have to eat very little and get a lot of exercise. What has the mother done that is not enough? They are too many foster families that foster kids just for the check, how can they be sure the kid will be better off in a foster family. The emotional scars may cause the kids to eat even more and cause more weight. How much weight has he lost and is he still on the honor roll in school? They mentioned moving him to a foster home with a personal trainer why don't they offer that kind of help without taking him out of his home?
BlairBrimmell BlairBrimmell 5 years
I absolutety agree with this decision. It breaks my heart to see little overweight kids of any degree, let alone a 200 pound 3rd grader. It takes away from that child's quality of life, and when they are in a home where healthy living is not promoted or possible then they have no choice but to succumb to an unhealthy lifestyle. Now, what should happen is that the mother should be given some intensive training on both nutrition, and discipline so that her son can be returned to her in short order and so that she can learn to put her foot down when it comes to diet and physical excersize.
JennyWinter91383 JennyWinter91383 5 years
It's so sad that we have children being beaten and sexually abused, and nothing is being done to protect them, however in a situation like this, a child is taken from his mother for being overweight?! This is appalling! I don't think it's right for parents to feed their children whatever they want and allow them to become obese, but I do believe there are FAR more serious issues in homes that cps and law enforcement should be focusing on. And no one is thinking about the emotional toll this is most likely taking on this young boy to be ripped away from his mother like that! Just disgusting!
kathyBarcena kathyBarcena 5 years
Bravo..Kim Tracey you said It all.Takinh taking the child should be last resort,That poor boy probably misses his Mother.
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