Many mature women dream of retirement, spontaneous vacations, grandchildren and a life of leisure. Susan Tollefsen has something else in store for her golden years.

As a lump grew in her belly, she feared cancer until an ultrasound technician performed a sonogram and told her she was nearly 30 weeks pregnant. To see how she came across this miracle baby,


Susan and her boyfriend, Nick (who is 11 years her junior) were desperately trying to have a child of their own. The mum–to–be told the Daily Mail:

I contacted fertility clinics in Britain but all of them refused to treat me because of my age. But there are no such age limits in some foreign clinics.

Limited by their homeland, the couple underwent treatments in Russia where Susan unknowingly became pregnant. Puzzled about how she missed the signs? After her last round of IVF, Susan had severe bleeding, which she now believes was a miscarriage of another baby (potentially a twin.) Having never been pregnant before, she was unaware of pregnancy symptoms.

Beyond excited for the bouncing baby girl to arrive, the pair are rushing to get the house ready. They plan to name her Freya, the goddess of fertility and birth.

Do you think you'd notice if you were 30 weeks pregnant?