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OnSugar Blog: Am I the Newest Desperate Housewife?

Lots of moms think out loud, and GwennW does too. Am I the Newest Desperate Housewife? comes from the Cooking in Pajamas blog at OnSugar.

My dentist has three chickens and I am so jealous. When I was in his chair last month, I couldn't wait to ask him how many fresh eggs he got that weekend. Three and a half dozen! If I had called him the night before, he would have brought me a dozen of his fresh eggs! I began to quiz him. "Where do they live? How many did you start with? Was it expensive to build a coop? Are they noisy? Do I need to fence in my yard? Will my yard smell like a barn? Can two city folk like me and Phil really raise a small group of chicken, just so we can have fresh eggs." He assured me that it was incredibly simple, and I could just come check out his chickens. I started to imagine myself in overalls and a straw hat, going out to my chicken coop every morning to get fresh eggs. Wouldn't my dogs love to run around the yard with chickens? This is going to be SO FUN!

Then the New York Times Sunday Magazine comes out with an article entitled, "The Femivore's Dilemma". It seems as though "chicks-with-chicks" is the newest way for stay-at-home moms to find some sort legitimacy to their domestic lives.  It is the same argument we have heard a million times's soccer mom feels undervalued.   If you have chosen to stay home with your kids, you may be 'prone to depression', some women lose a sense of financial independence and feel guilty for not 'contributing financially' to the household income anymore, or a general sense of 'purposelessness' takes over.


What is a highly educated, well-read, stay at home mom to do to boost her self worth? Apparently, jump on the latest bandwagon and start building your backyard mini-barn. To read the rest of this post, click here.

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