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OnSugar Blog: Do You Wish Your Child Was an Olympian?

Lots of moms think out loud, and doccarrie does too. Do You Wish Your Child Was an Olympian? comes from the Doctor Mom blog at OnSugar.
I love the Olympics. I watch the personal stories and I am riveted.  The  excitement of competition never gets old. I feel proud of our athletes and country. I even cried today at this commercial. I've been thinking about the reasons that we as mothers do what we feel compelled to do for our children. We start them in school at 18 months.  Make sure they have swimming lessons.  And gymnastics.  And soccer.  And tennis.  Even if they don't feel like going. We agonize about our decisions and then wonder and worry about the effects of our choices.   Is it just a form of torture?

Why do we (or maybe just me) feel the need to push them?  Is it so they can start early in the competition of life?  Is it to build confidence and social skills?  Is it so we can live vicariously through them and give them every privilege which we didn't have?  Is it to make sure that they don't feel "left behind"? Do you ever dream (okay, secretly) that your child excels in a sport and will be an olympian?  (PS my daughter was placed in ADVANCED 3 year old gymnastics and I imagined this.) Is that the goal?  Is anything short of that failure?

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