Lots of moms think out loud, and Tiffany Carboni does too. That's Just Mommy Brain, Dear comes from the Mother Tongue & Other Sharp Objects blog at OnSugar.

You’ve gained a substantial amount of weight since I saw you last.” These are words NO woman ever wants to hear.
“But there’s nothing to worry about yet,” Janine’s obstetrician says half-heartedly as he goes back to her chart. Janine’s devastated. She’s defensive. She’s upset. But since she’s pregnant, continuously hungry, and has Mommy Brain, all she hears is: “There’s nothing to worry about.” With this, Janine rushes home with the sole intention of making herself a chocolate-peanut butter-banana milkshake. And because she has a really serious case of Mommy Brain these days, she may or may not remember to take her two-year-old out of the car before she embarks on this delicious expedition.

“Honey, why did you put the screwdriver/potato chips/spatula in the freezer/mailbox/backyard?” her husband keeps asking her all week as if her initial answer on Monday didn’t suffice. “Don’t worry until it’s your laptop/underwear/car keys,” she keeps telling him but he keeps shaking his head like he’s worried about her. Since he’s been through this with their first child, she knows it’s not her he’s worried about so much as it is the fate of his possessions.


Maybe he should be worried. She’s heard horror stories of fellow mothers forgetting to pay the mortgage, wearing a half face of makeup (one eye with, one eye without), or driving away from the grocery store with bagged groceries on top of the car. Heck, she can’t even remember the weather anchor’s prediction as soon as the seven-day forecast disappears from the screen. To finish this post, click here.

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