Sometimes a mama needs to vent and Grafix does exactly that. Super-mama? My rant for the day... comes from the Grafix On Sugar blog at OnSugar.

How much can actually get done in a day? hmmmm? Let me answer that....A LOT! Today, I woke up, went for a lengthy walk with the boys (this included some grocery shopping), visited a neighbor, had lunch, played in the backyard, napped and completed the day with laundry (3 loads), folding, washing the floors, vacuuming and washing some toilets! Did I mention the million phone calls and the dozens of diapers? I know that the above was a complete run-on sentence but Grrr! We, as mothers, must be genetically programmed to fit as much as possible into a day or we will not be satisfied. If I didn't do half of this I would feel incomplete at the end of the day and by doing it all, I think I give myself a little self worth.

Even as I sit here typing, I'm still waiting for another load of laundry to complete and will not sleep until maybe 11:00 or so, and even then I will be thinking and planning out my day for tomorrow. Gone are the days when I would be able to go to bed at 4 and wake up for 7 without a care in the least those 3 hours sleep were "real" sleep! It still amazes me how my husband can just plop his head on the pillow and "voila" he's asleep within seconds and doesn't even twitch when baby Neigh wakes up....ah to be a man! lol


It's not all women that are this way though, and not all men are simplified beings (not just my husband either) lol. But one thing is for sure, I became this way after I had my children.

I think tomorrow I'm going to wear a red cape and zip through my daily duties like a superhero.....because that is what I am....that's what we all are!

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