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OnSugar Blog: We're a Little 1940s

OnSugar Blog: We're a Little 1940s

Lots of moms think out loud, and Grafix does, too. We're a Little 1940s comes from the Grafix on Sugar blog at OnSugar.

OK, so I know we live in the "new age" of feminism, but does that mean that we have to be completely independent? I mean, what's wrong with wanting to stay at home to raise my two boys while my husband works? I have to admit that before I got pregnant with "Cookie" I was yearning to go back to work, make more money and balance a happy home-work life. I was stuck on the fact that I "needed" time to myself for adult interaction and lunch breaks. BUT then he arrived and all that changed in an instant. How could I leave that little face? REALITY CHECK — I had to.....instantly I started to weigh out the work/home factors.

Alas, I found comfort in the past. I mean, how did so many mothers do it before? Easily, they didn't overspend, they assumed their "role" (I know, but true) and they did all this happily! I admit the beginning was tough, a screaming baby with colic and bills to pay, laundry to do, and the endless list of housework! Housework! Housework! I was raised a "princess" and for me this was all a BIG change!! So, I did it, not happily, but I did it. Then one day, it all hit me (while watching Dr. Phil), Why can't we have it all? If I changed my attitude just a little, then my husband and my baby would be a lot happier too!


After an endless conversation with my other half, we both concluded that no job is easy and that I was in the favorable role. So I began making meals from scratch (yes me), baby food on my own, cleaning the house and doing the laundry all while making sure my bills were paid and my baby and husband were well taken care of — I even iron his shirts!! Ironically, you know what? I wouldn't change any of this for the world and every day I am thankful that I have the past to thank for this example.

So, when people ask "How do you do it?" I answer with a smile, "I love it!" and I do! I couldn't imagine missing those first words, steps or even a second while I have the chance. I know that one day I will yearn for these little moments as my sons are running out the door....

The 1940's what a happy time — kids were kids, marriage was great and the sun was always shining! OK, well not all the time.

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