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One Born Every Minute on Lifetime

One Born Every Minute: The Intimate Details of Live Birth

Birth happens...every minute. Lifetime's new series, One Born Every Minute (which debuted last night) shows what labor and delivery is truly like — from a mom who doesn't want her baby put to her chest to a dad who forgets his camera's memory card. Raw footage of these moments is something that many new parents cherish, and other folks prefer not to tape.

I have three children, and their arrivals were the most exhilarating and tumultuous experiences of my life. Each moment is forever in my mind. And, though I had my husband and family members attend the birth, and allowed medical students to view and learn from the process, there were no cameras rolling. Instead, we have photographs because I don't think I'd want to relive (or analyze) the footage by watching it over and over. What did you do?

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Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
We intended to take lots of pictures of a happy occasion. We came out with exactly three photos: 1. Me in my hospital gown, all smiles and ready to have a baby 2. Dad wearing scrubs, looking extremely nervous as I'm on my way to the operating room 3. Baby under an oxygen hood, hooked up to monitors I really wish we would have had video, both of myself and Dad as well as the nurses and doctors. I want to know exactly what led to a crash c-section and what happened in those hours that I was unconscious.
thedingo thedingo 6 years
thedingo thedingo 6 years
I have to say I was not a fan of this hospital. All the nurses, minus the older lady, seemed bored, annoyed and ready to shove drugs at every dingle patient. I'm very glad my hospital or my doctors are not that way. I intend to have only my husband in the room and he'll be armed with a camera. I haven't decided yet if I want my mother in law and mom in there as well.
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