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One Million Moms Group Boycotting the Muppets

Does This Moms Group Have a Right to Be Mad About the New Adult Version of The Muppets?

The Muppets are back, and while most Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are thrilled to see their favorite puppets on the small screen once again, there's one organization, One Million Moms — a pro-family group whose goal is "to stop the exploitation of our children, especially by the entertainment media" — who isn't happy about the show's more "adult" sitcom, debuting on ABC this Fall.

This adaptation of Jim Henson's 1970s creation is definitely taking a more mature turn, which has been apparent through the teasers for the show alluding to adult content such as sex and relationships. One Million Moms argues: "It is not the show it once was. ABC has ruined The Muppets. How many parents want to explain the punchline of sexually charged jokes to young children?"

However, ABC has made no attempt to claim that this show is for children — even though the original was family friendly — which is made pretty clear on the show's about page: "This is a more adult, new Muppet series, for 'kids' of all ages."

So does this mom's group have a right to boycott the new show and try to influence ABC into taking it off the air? The short answer is not really, but we can definitely see why a mom who grew up with the kid-friendly version of the show would be upset that she can't share this take on the lovable puppets with her kiddos. But then again, isn't that what Netflix is for?

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