If you pay attention to what the celebmamas are pushing these days, then you'll know that the Orbit Baby travel system ($900) is the ride of choice with Hollywood's most elite. Marcia Cross, Halle Berry, Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Richie, and Jessica Alba are just a few who chose the posh buggy for their wee ones.

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The all-in-one system comes with the infant car seat, base, and stroller frame. The car seat is ergonomically designed to rotate on the car seat base and the stroller for easy maneuvering. Additionally, the flexible handle won't dig into mom's arm the way other car seats do. The circular base allows you to position the seat in any direction — forward, backward, or sideways facing — making it a cinch for parents to unlock and unload the carrier in one swift move. When it's time to hit the road, the one-hand pull of the stroller base easily collapses the 19-pound contraption in one fell swoop.

As babes graduate from the infant seat, which lasts until the child weighs 22 pounds or measures 29 inches long, parents can purchase the Orbit Toddler Stroller Seat ($179) specifically designed to fit into the circular Orbit stroller base. Unlike the infant seat, a separate car seat must be used. Loyal Orbit fans may choose the Orbit Toddler Car Seat ($300) while some may decide on other brand options. The stroller seat is suited for children six months old and up to 40 pounds. The toddler car seat is made for children rear-facing 15-35 lbs; forward-facing from 20-50 lbs and up to 49 inches.

Providing only two color options, parents must decide between black/slate or mocha/khaki, both of which are sleek, simple, and easily disguise a mess. The smooth ride on pneumatic tires makes it a dream for the driver, while providing the passenger with the ability to snooze on the go. The agile pushers are also in luck as two pliable cup holders, a lofty basket for safe keeping, and adjustable handles make running errands more of an adventure than a chore.

I love the look, the versatility, and the ease of the Orbit Baby system, but the price tag is sure to make some wary — especially when you have to keep adding to it as the child grows. Tell me what you think about the Orbit Baby Stroller!

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