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Original Baby Boy Names

15 Unexpected and Original Names For Baby Boys

Searching for baby boy name inspiration? You've come to the right place! Coming up with a striking, solid name that you'll love for a newborn and that will suit him well into adulthood is no easy task. We've combed the web, our own mental rolodexes, and more to bring you 15 boys' names that are unexpected, unusual, or just something you may not have thought of before. Scroll down, and be inspired!

  1. Lincoln: History buffs will dig the presidential reference — the very trendy Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard liked it so much, they used it for their baby girl.
  2. Enzo: It translates to "rules an estate" in both Spanish and Italian. Expect big things from this manly man.
  3. Pierce: Meaning "rock," it doesn't get much more solid than a baby named Pierce.
  4. Chance: Its English origins translate to "good fortune."
  5. Sebastian: On the rise in terms of popularity, Sebastian has Greek origins and was the name of choice of celeb parents James Spader, Malin Akerman, and Tommy Hilfiger.
  6. Finn: With Irish origins, Finn is charming, fun, and spirited. Famous Finns include Christy Turlington and Ed Burns's son and Tori Spelling's youngest boy.
  7. Spencer: Meaning "house steward" or "dispenser of provisions," Spencer sounds posh yet approachable.
  8. Sawyer: Sawyer translates to "woodcutter" and has English origins.
  9. Rufus: Meaning "redhead," Rufus has become an increasingly popular and hip name in recent years.
  10. Jayce: There's no history behind it, but for the decidedly modern mom, Jayce may have just the amount of originality she's looking for.
  11. Trent: English in origin, Trent is a strong single-syllable name often associated with the British river of the same name.
  12. Zane: Zane is a Hebrew name meaning "God's gracious gift."
  13. Maddox: With Welsh origins, Maddox was the name of choice for Angelina Jolie's first child.
  14. Hudson: An increasingly popular name that would also work for a baby girl, Hudson evokes the river to the west of Manhattan.
  15. Miller: More common as a surname, Miller boasts English origins and translates to "grinder of grain."
FrankLeonard1412455419 FrankLeonard1412455419 2 years

I named my last son Tristyn Cole and we'll I have 4 boy so here are three more Tyler John, Brandyn Scott, Dustyn Lee... All my boy's have y's in there names... Smile got to love English101...

AbbyPernod1402395039 AbbyPernod1402395039 2 years

These are all really boring and common, actually.

JessicaFerguson12604 JessicaFerguson12604 3 years

Dont like any of the names.

AmandaFreeman1386815582 AmandaFreeman1386815582 3 years
my sons name is on that list lol number 7 :)
AshleeCunningham AshleeCunningham 3 years
My daughters name is phelicitie pronounced felicity
lisa-jaynedoecke1369109189 lisa-jaynedoecke1369109189 4 years
girls names i have are harmony and morgan
MelissaVanLenten MelissaVanLenten 4 years
My son's name is Koen. I know that it is an unusual an uncommon name. We love it!
DanaDoyle DanaDoyle 4 years
My son's name is Seth. While it is not an unusual name it isn't very common. However my sister's daughter's name is Neely and her son's name is Brae and my brother's two boys names are Walker and Cannon and his daughter's name is Leiden. All unique and intetesting.
MICHELLEpone MICHELLEpone 4 years
Correction Tajuan. Timaihj is adopted and his biological Mom named him after us. Too cute : )
MICHELLEpone MICHELLEpone 4 years
My son's name is Timaihj. Everyone loves it once they learn how to pronounce it correctly. Sounds like this Tamaj. A friend of my name Timothy says he gonna name his first Son Timaihj also. Each letter of his name came from my name and my X husband name Yajuan
AmandaWisdom AmandaWisdom 4 years
@Annette Walters14945914 my oldest son's name is "Brenton" as well! You don't hear it much at all. I only know of 1 other and now 2 :-) My middle son is Tucker.
LisaBreton LisaBreton 4 years
My son has an unusual name, these names are more uncommon than unusual but still I like them all. My Godsons' name is Trent (he's 15), I know a couple kids named Maddox, and Zane makes me think of Roswell the TV show lol. My sons' name is Rivvin, and we LOVE it, we had settled on it years before he was even born :)
Ree14946792 Ree14946792 4 years
I don't find these names unusual at all! They're just not very popular names.
Annette-Walters14945914 Annette-Walters14945914 4 years
I have 3 Boys and while my middle one is popular as "Braxton" ~ my oldest "Brenton" and my youngest "Brynson" has a little different ring ~ I have come to notice though, my generation of moms and dads used a ton of "B" names for their boys and girls ~ But hey...I say, "Great minds think alike." :0))
krystaleabricknell krystaleabricknell 4 years
My son is Korbyn Rhys and my daughter is Kirah Dior. I have only come across a few Korbyn's but none with the same spelling. However, there are a lot of Kirah's, all with different spelling though. I am a little disappointed that my daughter has a more common name as i didn't realize it was so popular prior to her birth but hey what can you do. i still love the name.
AmandaHale29038 AmandaHale29038 4 years
Lol I know most p these lol my daughter is Amaya pronounced ah-may-ah
jessichurch886 jessichurch886 4 years
↓ My sons name is dade too an my other sons name is bentley. I am now looking for a real unusual name for a boy or girl for are new addition that is coming! But here the trick I want it to start with a "C"
Chyanne14945147 Chyanne14945147 4 years
My sons name is Aeska... His name was found in a Warhammer book by my husband.
John14945008 John14945008 4 years
I don't find these unusual names at all. My son's name is Dade and my daughter's name is Vada Elise. When you go to find the meaning of a name and its not in the name dictionary, then it qualifies as unusual. I just feel if your going to do an article on unusual names, you should find unusual names. Just because a celebrity has a baby, doesn't make the name unusual.
BonnieGraham41989 BonnieGraham41989 4 years
My little grandson is named Jaxon. I'm not wild about it, because I know it's going to be misspelled Jackson. Plus I won't be able to buy him pre-printed pencils for his Christmas stocking, as well as my two new granddaughters being born this year named Aria and Adelynn.
JenC7082 JenC7082 4 years
My nephews are Hudson and Lincoln lol, I guess those are kind of unusual!
TabithaGranthamMotter TabithaGranthamMotter 4 years
I have heard quite a few of these names before but I still like them all. My sons name is quinnlan Jameson. I liked it because it was so different and I hadn't heard anyone else with that name. Plus my husband is Irish. Lol
KymJones77809 KymJones77809 4 years
My son's name is Lincoln but we decided to spell it Linkin. I picked it because I had never heard it and now we have met 2 other boys with the name. Oh well, I am still pretty certain he will be the only Link in his class. :)
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