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Our Must Haves For August

Nuna's quickly making its mark on the the US baby gear market this year. Its Leaf baby seat was an instant hit, and the soon-to-be released infant car seat — the Nuna Pipa ($300) — is already a star in Europe. The sleek seat features a "dream drape," or an extended hood, to help keep baby covered from sun and grabby hands and micro-knit fabrics that are removable and washable. The seat's side-impact protection system and sturdy shell make it a safety-lover's dream, but I was most impressed with the Pipa's steel enforced stability leg. A standard European car seat feature, the leg secures the car seat in place (by steadying itself on the floor of the car) to reduce rotation during a car crash by up to 90 percent. Weighing just 7.7 pounds, the seat is easy to move in and out of the car and it will be compatible with up to 20 different strollers when it is released on Aug. 20.

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