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Over the Counter vs. Prescription Prenatal Vitamins

Simple or Swank: Prenatal Vitamins

If you weren't taking a prenatal vitamin before getting pregnant, it is likely the first change you will make after discovering you are expecting. Flip through a baby magazine or browse the aisle at your local drugstore and you will find a number of vitamins on the market, all with various claims. While some doctors recommend patients take prescription vitamins, many over-the-counter versions feature similar ingredients.

Simple: Over-the-counter prenatal vitamins, like Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamins ($11 for 90), are preservative-free and high in a mama-to-be's necessary nutrients like folic acid, iron, and zinc.

Swank: Prescription prenatal vitamins, like Duet DHA ($43 for 60), contain higher doses of key vitamins, such as folic acid, iron, and calcium, as well as a separate pill containing omega-3 fatty acids. The extra dosage is believed to help mamas-to-be produce new red blood cells faster.

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meandtheo meandtheo 8 years
my prenatals cost $45, that is with my insurance savings! but just yesterday i went to refill and the pharmacist told me there was a generic brand, i asked to see the two bottle side by side and they are EXACTLY the same. i too will now be paying only $15 a month, a huge savings when you consider how long you take them (i take them while i nurse too for a full year)! I tried the over the counters when i first got prego with my first and they made me vomit, sooo i switched.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
my ob wrote me an Rx for prenatals ... so the cost will just be the regular $15 I pay for Rxs !
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