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Lil Community: 8 Hours Til Happy Hour

Sometimes mamas just need to let off some steam! This post comes from our anonymous group in the LilSugar Community, A Place to Vent.

I've always abhorred blogs. Especially "mom blogs." However, I fully understand the reason so many moms feel compelled to do it. And here we are. I am not the kind of person who constantly complains about my life or my husband. I try to keep it together. I took a full shower inclusive of leg shaving, blew out my hair and put on makeup within hours of giving birth. I did mangle my ankle pretty badly and had to call a nurse for a band aid when I realized to my horror that I was tracking blood all over the floor but it was, fortunately, just from my ankle. 

Sometimes I feel marginalized. I went to college and got great grades. I got a good job and became the boss. I lived in a big city and went out all the time and married my high school sweetheart, whom I still adore. I have two incredibly good looking little boys. I stay home with said boys and I have a great life. But sometimes I feel marginalized and unimportant and my biggest fear is becoming this crazy lady who's so worried about (insert some household minutia here), that my husband is forced into the arms of another woman who's biggest concern is what to drink at happy hour and whether my hair still looks good. That used to be me! Actually, that is currently me. I just have different [stuff] I have to do.

Want to see more? Read the rest of the post here. Overwhelmed by a crying baby, fighting tots, overbearing in-laws and competitive parents? Start venting in our anonymous group, A Place to Vent and share your stress with fellow moms who understand your plight.

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Maybelgirl Maybelgirl 6 years
I feel the same way....let's go have a drink....or few.
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