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PETA Billboard Targets Kids (PHOTOS)

PETA Billboard Targets Kids (PHOTOS)

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is known for raising eyebrows with provocative ads, but a recent billboard ads targeting kids may be the most controversial yet. 

Featuring an image of a animal that is part cat and part turkey, the billboard reads: "Kids: If you wouldn't eat your cat, why eat a turkey?" In Reno, Nevada, similar ads show an image of a dog crossed with a pig. 

Brock Smith, a professor of marketing and entrepreneurship at the University of Victoria, says targeting kids is what really shocked him: “I have no problem with provocative. What I have a problem [with] is when it’s directed at kids — I think that’s inappropriate.”


Read more at the Times Colonist >>

Image Source: via Times Colonist

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SaraSchraeter SaraSchraeter 4 years
I do not feel that any organizations should target children in their advertising when it comes to how they are being raised at home. Two big reasons that come to mind are a) finicky eaters and b) children with allergies. When you have a kid in your house who is limited to what foods they can and will eat, you do not need people like PETA making it even worse.
KathrynWalsh51206 KathrynWalsh51206 4 years
Macdonald target kids all the time with adds. Least the kid may now talk to the parent about what they are eating. God some people need to grow up
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