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(PHOTOS) Why I Wish My Kids Were Hooked on TV

(PHOTOS) Why I Wish My Kids Were Hooked on TV

I have three girls, ages 5, 3 and 20 months, and all three of them share a love for creams and make-up. Right on cue at around eighteen months they begin foraging in the cupboards, and always end up with my most expensive face cream, or favorite mascara all over them.

Where am I you ask? Well, it's a fair question. As I spend most of time cleaning milk up off the floor and making snacks, chances are I'm in the kitchen. They're clearly in cahoots: they get me busy and then BOOM!, sneak upstairs and pillage through my make-up.

(Yes, I considered child-proofing the cupboards, but I find that stuff so incredibly annoying that I just wound up breaking it off. Currently I'm using elastic bands to thwart their efforts.)


My five-year-old will at least ask me now if she can use some of "Mommy's stuff." As for the other two, I've been hoping to find a toy they will be interested in. I'm currently trying to get them hooked on television.

I've attached some photos. My daughter Stella went for it at Easter with my mom's Lancome mascara. (Thanks for that. I love replacing other people's expensive stuff.) The girl in white? That's Penaten Cream — a nightmare to get out.

I will say this: If you're ever looking to waterproof yourself, Penaten is perfect.

Image Source: Me & Meg images.

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RebeccaPerkins2452 RebeccaPerkins2452 4 years
My DD is 3 and got into my nail polish once. Luckily all she tried to do was paint her own nails and none of it ended up on the carpet. (Daddy was watching her while I was out, so I get to blame him! LOL.) What I started after that was playing "makeup" with her. She gets to put make up on me, I put makeup on her and we laugh at our reflections in the mirror. Now, whenever she wants to get into my makeup she asks me first and I can tell her either "Sure, lets go play" or "Not right now, we'll play makeup after lunch". I have found that giving DD an appropriate outlet for the inappropriate behavior has almost eliminated any behavior problems.
URAINAPatin URAINAPatin 4 years
What you need to do is start smacking hands! You have to let them know it is not ok to go in mommies things! Yes girls love to play dress up but it is not ok to go in your things! Stop it now or start saving your bail money because that is stealing!
StephanieHayden30068 StephanieHayden30068 4 years
StephanieHayden30068 StephanieHayden30068 4 years
My son loved getting into my pantry and throwing flour in the air! and /or eating the sugar... idk how he ever reached the stuff! but its what he went for... i think he liked to see it snow!
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