Welcoming a new babe is a family affair and one that should be celebrated by mom and pop alike if you ask the British government. The country's prime minister is preparing to announce revisions to the nation's leave policy that will equally divide leave between parents, giving new dads paid paternity leave for three months and an additional three months of unpaid leave. Currently, new British mums receive a year of maternity leave, and the proposed policy would allow them to return to work at the six month mark and transfer the remaining time to their spouses – half of which would be paid.

The extended paternity leave is designed to divide parental leave between parents and eliminate discrimination in the workplace surrounding the belief that only women care for babies. Even if the policy is adopted, officials do not expect men will take advantage of it. Their statistics indicate that "fewer than one in 10 of the estimated 239,000 eligible fathers each year would take advantage of the new right initially," as men tend to be drawn back to their jobs and fear losing their tenure if they take time off.

Would your husband take an extended paid paternity leave if offered?

Source: Flickr User Spigoo