A Wisconsin gun distributor paints guns shades from fuchsia to pink camouflage and even adorns them with Hello Kitty images. Customers from around the country ship their firearms to them for the decorative treatment.

On their own guns are dangerous, but adding cutesie decor to the artillery may prove them to be drop dead gorgeous — especially for kids who mistake them for playthings.

To see what critics and the owner of the gun shop has to say,


Critics say the issue isn't the color of the gun, but the fact that they have been ornamented to look like toys.

Jim Astle from Jim's Gun Supply defended his business on Phoenix's KPNX:

Over 75 percent of customers are law enforcement. . . they're buying them for their wives so they can go to the range and shoot with them. Pink doesn't make it any more deadly than black. That thing should be locked away at all times.

What's your take on these firearms?