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Crib Pants Anticlimb Pajamas: Kid Friendly or Are You Kidding?

There's more than one way to keep a toddler in his or her crib. Just ask Jeff Frese. After watching his daughter make easy escapes from her crib — during which she interrupted his much-needed sleep — he was desperate to find a safe way to keep her in her place. While crib tents seem like an easy solution, a recent nationwide recall sent the NYC dad searching for a safer solution.

The result: Crib Pants, a footie for active tots that is restrictive enough to keep them in the crib but flexible enough to allow them to move around and play in their space. The pants of the footie have a bat-like wing sewn between the legs that prevents little ones from raising their legs high enough to escape their cribs. The product makes its Kickstarter debut today, where a limited early-backer reward will include two pairs for the price of one at $25. Crib Pants' designers hope to raise $10,000 to "kick" the pants to market. Watch the video that details how the pants came to be, and tell us: would you buy a pair?

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ReynaVelez1418684509 ReynaVelez1418684509 2 years

My 18month old is truly a sleeping baby as he will sleep through the entire night. In the event that he wakes up, his mobility is limited by the tautness of the wing shaped zipadee-zip that I recently purchased for him. I highly recommend to any parent whose child is attempting to climb out to consider a sleep sack. It really works!

Max50833 Max50833 4 years
I voted "Are You Kidding? — If your kid is so desperate to get out of the crib, then maybe it's time to move her to a bed!" but not because I'd indulge my "desperate" kid, but because I don't think these are safe. If a child wants to get out of their crib, they will figure out a way. My kids all slept in blanket sleepers, zipped head to foot, and somehow, my middle one figured out how to get her hand into her diaper to play with her poop. Nothing can stop a toddler on a mission. What if they tried some other way and fell head first??
Saph1364310306 Saph1364310306 4 years
If a child is big enough or just clever enough to climb out of the crib, maybe its time to move her or him to a toddler bed? Child proof their room, put a gate on the door and teach them when its time to go night night to stay in their bed. My son climbed out of his crib at only 15 months so he went to a big bed and learned to sleep there.
JenniferCarlson70367 JenniferCarlson70367 4 years
Great idea!
KayeFielding KayeFielding 4 years
HeatherV HeatherV 4 years
I used to put my kids into sleeping bags with arms when they were little, and that never stopped them from climbing out of their cot. If they want to get out, they will find a way.
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