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Former Real Worlder-turned-blogging mama of five Rachel Campos-Duffy instituted a uniform policy for her three school-aged offspring, even though their classrooms don't require them. In a recent post on Parent Dish, she explained that the economical decision costs about $80 per child annually and excuses her from back to school shopping. She said:

I relieved myself of this torture several years ago when my husband and I decided that a school uniform was the easiest and most affordable way for our growing family to deal with hectic mornings, rising costs, and trends in inappropriate fashion — especially for girls.

What's your opinion?

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Pencils Pencils 9 years
I have no problems with kids wearing uniforms in school, I think it's a good idea. However, I think it's an extremely BAD idea to outfit your kids in uniforms and send them off to school with kids who are wearing regular clothes. What a great way to single them out as dorks! Thanks, Mom & Dad, I like getting beaten up all the time.
emmebeth emmebeth 9 years
I am pro uniforms in school, but I don't think I'd create the rule just for my own family. It's an interesting way of looking at family budgeting though.
MaIIaya MaIIaya 9 years
I am pro uniforms, but only if everyone at school wear them. I used to wear a uniform in high school and it was ok, you can still get nice shoes!
yadiet yadiet 9 years
i went to a school that uniforms were not implemented till I graduated. It was a mission every single day to find out what to wear and making sure that I never dupe an outfit in one month. I would drive my moms nuts. Every year before school began my mom would take me to the store and purchase 3 pairs of jeans, 2 dresses and maybe 5 different tops. It sucked really. Because if you didn;t have the latest trends then you were in the "cool" team. It was horrible. I am glad that in south florida we have uniforms now. So when I have children they dont have to go through all the hassle.
Gossamer Gossamer 9 years
I wore uniforms throughout all of school and it was not cheaper nor did it make everyone an equal. Children focused so much on the back pack you carried, your cell phone, your car later on, etc. Not to mention the "new-ness" of the clothes etc. Yes my mom saved by getting me the $30 school polo and a pair of black dres pants but she more then made it up because I wanted all name brand accessories. Instead of a $30 backpack mine hade to be a coach messenger and my cell phone had to be the latest model. (some kids even had two) And I won't even begin to describe the last ears of high school when everyone was getting cars. I skipped a grade so I didn't turn 16 until November of senior year and that killed my. I made my parents buy me a car with only a permit because I needed to be able to show it off to others and get voted for best car in the yearbook. And god forbid they gave us a "free dress day." Seriously you would think that it was final exam days with how much preparation went into those days. Outfits were all knew and the latest style because they were the only days you could show people what you have. And it did NOT lead to equality. The goth were still the goth, the nerds the nerds, and the rich the rich regardless.
mizzglamrous mizzglamrous 9 years
why would you make your children wear those clothes
Mommy-of-Three Mommy-of-Three 9 years
I read this on the original blog and could not believe the price. I easily spend $200 - $300 on each of my 2 children that wear a uniform. I love the ease of uniforms, and I agree with her concept. If it were my kids I would simply limit their clothing choices, not make them wear an actual uniform while attending a school that does not require them.
kia kia 9 years
My best friend and I were talking about this yesterday. We are big supporters of uniforms. In L. A. our poorer public school bussed me and her to an extremely wealthy school one year in what retrospectively seems like an "experiment." That year was a little rough due to cultural differences and uniforms could have helped alleviate some of the social challenges we faced by have clothing being an equalizer. I like uniforms if all kids are wearing them. If not they may be outcasts as a result of them.
Dublin62505 Dublin62505 9 years
$80 per child for the Campos-Duffy clan per year? I find that difficult to believe. Both of my sons have school uniform requirements and sometimes the uniform pieces cost more than regular clothing. And, uniforms rarely, if ever go on sale. The price stays static throughout the year. I can understand the Campos-Duffy clan having to resort to a uniform of sorts. She has too many children to look after...what is she at six now? She probably has to run her operation like Jon & Kate plus 8. :shudders: & glad it is not ME! LOL!
sfbutterfly24 sfbutterfly24 9 years
I LOVED LOVED LOVED wearing a uniform to school every day and I still wish I could have one for work. BUT it would be jacked up for the kids if they where wearing private school still uniforms and everyone else at school didn't. Oh how I miss my uniform but I dont miss ironing that thing (I hate pleats because of them which is a good thing in the long run )
sassy_chick sassy_chick 9 years
I do not buy one iota of the argument about limiting kid's sense of expression. I wore uniforms as a kid, and I teach in public school now, and that argument is utterly ridiculous. Surely there are others ways for children to express who they are without it being their clothing. Perhaps parents need to teach their children to communicate more effectively and let their actions portray who they are, rather than their appearance. What matters is on the inside anyway.
sofi sofi 9 years
oh, these poor kids will just get laughed at and teased if no one else has a uniform. I will most definitely have a say in my kids clothing for as long as possible (and I am paying the bills) but I am not going to make life difficult fore them- adolescence is hard enough. I don't mind uniforms for a whole school, though. My kids currently have uniform in their primary school and it is so nice to worry about what name brands everyone is wearing and blah, blah, blah. I am sure in middle and high school the accessories will be important, but we'll deal with that when it comes.
JennyJen2 JennyJen2 9 years
I have already said this to a friend of mine that when our daughter goes to school that she will have a bunch of Kahkis and collared shirts and that will be the "uniform" to save us from an fight on a daily basis. Just like work she can have casual Fridays! :)
Akpril Akpril 9 years
School is going to be a fashion show no matter what a parent tries to do, with uniforms it becomes all about accessories instead of the clothing. This seems to me to be one of those parental issues where the easier route is taken instead of what is best for the kid. If your kid goes to public school and has to wear a uniform everyday- they're going to get mocked. I think it is a much better choice to let your kids pick their clothes and figure themselves out while adhering to the values you have set up as a parent. It's a much harder route for the parent, but beneficial in the end.
mycatisgray mycatisgray 9 years
As a way to cut costs, it could be beneficial. However, it may stifle the child's personal sense of expression, limit what possible sense of style they may develop, and cause trouble (and emotional trauma) at school due to possible ridicule and/or bullying the child may receive due to being the "odd one out." I'm not saying let your kid wear any trashy, classless, raggedy thing they want - I'm just saying if you're unwilling to monitor your child's clothing, forcing them to wear a Family Uniform is a bit much in the long run.
jopperma jopperma 9 years
I think you can get the same cost efficient and simplifying affect without a full on uniform. Sticking with simple clothes in a variety of colors for the kids is better than just a uniform... and I think as long as what the kids want to wear is not unreasonable, I don't see why they should be allowed some say in what they wear to school. Especially if they are at a school with no uniforms... This is just asking for your kids to be teased unnecessarily just to make your life easier.
anniebananie anniebananie 9 years
I'm pro uniforms but making your kid wear them when no one else in school has to is just mean. I wonder if they look like the ones pictured above or if she just means khakis and a polos in various colors because that would be different.
Rally-RE Rally-RE 9 years
i wore uniforms my entire school life - kindergarten through senior year. while i hated wearing them as a kid ... as an adult i see the flip side. i see what kids these days wear to school and i think the clothing is inappropriate to say the least! and the fuss over wearing name brands is ridiculous! not to mention ridiculously expensive. if a uniform is too strict then at least a dress code should be in place - a collared polo shirt and khaki pants. i think kids act better when dressed nicely. it won't kill them - you go to school to learn ... it shouldn't be a fashion show.
faerymagick15 faerymagick15 9 years
I have never been in favor of uniforms, especially in middle and high school when kids are just starting to express themselves as individuals. Besides, we were required to do uniforms in middle school with my kids and it ended up costing us twice as much as usual because they had to have one set of clothing for school and another set of clothing for weekends and after school. So, been there done that...wouldn't want to do it again.
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 9 years
I've always been a believer of uniforms in school. Kids are mean in school this helps keep the behavior to a minimum. On the other hand I don't know if I agree with putting my kids in uniforms when there is no uniform policy at their school. The kids don't get to express themselves as the other kids get to through their attire.
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