Mommy Dearest,

My son is entering a new school for kindergarten and we have received several notices about the school's parent teacher association. I would love to be one of those mothers who organizes the bake sales and volunteers in class, but I work full time. All of the PTA meetings are held during business hours (immediately after drop-off or before pick-up) and after speaking with the president of the organization, it sounds like that is when the committees meet as well.

I don't want the school or other parents to think that I don't care, but I just don't see how I can become involved. How do you ensure that your child isn't penalized by your lack of participation in school events?

– Non-PTA Mommy

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Non-PTA Mommy,

There are a lot of moms in your situation. Perhaps you can speak with the president of the organization and ask about switching a few of the meetings to the evening or join a committee made up of fellow working moms who can get together after they leave the office. If none already exist, start one. Another option would be to set aside some vacation hours to volunteer in your son's classroom or be available to participate in activities that are important to him. Many schools also have weekend events that provide the perfect opportunity for career parents to get involved.


– Mommy Dearest

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