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The Joys of Boys Being Boys

May 11 2016 - 6:48am

They say parenting boys is not for the faint of heart, and those of us who've got a little guy (or two) would probably agree. They know how to drive us nuts, or send us into early heart failure, but our sons also know how to steal our hearts. Either way you look at it, you've gotta love 'em, so check out some of the joys of boys.

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He Loves a Good Stick

. . . And Washing Cars

. . . And Towing Things

Source: Instagram user sbernhardson [2]

He'll Pee Anywhere . . . With Anyone

Source: Instagram user lannonshafferty [3]

He Sees the Superhero Potential in Any Outfit

. . . And in Any Moment

He's Often Caught Red- (or Black-) Handed

He's Happiest When Making a Mess in Mud

. . . Especially If He's Got His Truck

He Wears Out His Shoes

Source: Instagram user bibilane [4]

He Does This Intuitively

. . . And This

. . . And This

. . . And This

He Looks Adorable in This

. . . And This

He Leaves Little Treasures Around the House

Source: Instagram user verochica09 [5]

. . . And Brings You Others From the Outside

. . . And They're Not Always Alive

He Can Make Anything More Dangerous

He Thinks Big

. . . And Bigger

Because That's How He Gets the Best Results

He's Proud of This

. . . And This

He Eats and Eats

He Has a Favorite Team

And a Favorite Sport

. . . And He Isn't Afraid to Mix the Two

He Plays Like This

He's Inventive

He'll Make Your Heart Stop

. . . Over

. . . And Over Again

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