Question: I have a 16-month-old daughter and am expecting my second child in September at which point my daughter will be 23 months. We have a three bedroom house and are going to give the kids their own rooms. My daughter currently has the much smaller room which is ideal for the nursery and we are thinking about switching her to the bigger room just before her brother or sister is born.

The switch would be ideal for us as we would be able to move some of her toys and other things out of our already crowded living room into her larger room and make way for all the baby things that we will be pulling out of storage. My concern is that this will create too much change for her and she will view it as the new baby taking her room. Do you think we should just leave her in the small room or is it okay to make the jump?

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Answer: Run, don’t walk and change her room. At eighteen months her focus will be on her things and your positive attitude. If you place all of her things in the same spot and do not make the switch into a production, she will adjust just fine. Avoid phrases like “Big girl room,” “Now you’ll have more space” and certainly do not reveal the plan to put the invader from outer space, into her old room. Do not verbally explain to her the change, simply wake up one morning and make it a simple and positive move. Assure her her crib and toys are going there with her. While toddlers hate change, they can power through as long as the change is simply presented and they are assured mommy and daddy will be right there. Do check in with me in September. This is the easy stuff.

— Lonna Corder

Parenting expert and Montessori school director, Lonna Corder has been doling out advice for 25 years as a teacher, parent/child consultant and on television. For more information, visit

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