Parenthood brings up a whole host of issues. easybreezy88 asks our readers for some advice in The Mommy Club group.

So every morning I wake up with the kids and make them breakfast, change my sons diaper, and start cleaning the house. That's the story for almost every mom right? Well here is the twist. My boyfriend, and their father, never helps. In fact, he always makes it harder on me.

Like when they wake up and I am trying to get out of bed he will say, "Just five more minutes, come on I just want to cuddle." Stuff like that. When I ask him to help me clean, he will not. He will stay on his 360 and the help will never happen. I have physical therapy two times a week so I leave and my boyfriend uses that against me. He says, "You always get a break, you get to go out to your therapy". I also work more hours a week then he does. I do all the errands, I make all the meals, I clean the whole house, and I am the one who watches the kids most of the time. When I do ask for help he gets mad, and yet he is always needing something.


I am starting to build a wall between us. I don't like to cuddle anymore because behind my smile I am so angry with him. Except I can't talk to him because he just starts defending himself and gets mad. He won't even listen to me.

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