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Parents Allege Defective Tylenol Killed Their Toddler

Parents Allege Defective Tylenol Killed Their Toddler

Daniel and Katy Moore are suing Johnson & Johnson because they believe their 2-year-old son's death was caused by a dose of Children's Tylenol. The Tylenol their son was given was from a batch that had been recalled by the company. 

The family's lawyer says that the medicine contained excess amounts of acetaminophen, which caused damage to the toddler's liver, leading to his death. Johnson & Johnson has stated that its 2010 recalls of children's products were not related to the "serious adverse events of cases of overdose."

Read the full story here (Huffington Post)

Do you feel safe using over the counter medicines for children?

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StephanieTranter StephanieTranter 5 years
btw ill ask one question too...are you who are pointing blame etc at the parents and calling them neglectful...are you putting them in the same category as people like kathleen forbigg...who killed i forget how many of her babies she murdered them..are you seriously putting these parents in that category?
StephanieTranter StephanieTranter 5 years
All i can say is im disgusted at some of these comments. where is your empathy for these poor parents who have lost their beautiful child? we are human...therefore we make mistakes...wether it was the company (that is run by HUMANS) or the parents but who ever is at fault it was a tragic accident. no amount of compensation will bring their child back but sometimes people feel it will bring them closure to take this kind of action. i feel terribly for these people and am thinking of them :(
AngelSchreiber AngelSchreiber 5 years
Uhhhh, first of all, it is UNHEALTHY for a baby to have a fever... it can cause seizures which cause BRAIN DAMAGE! ALSO, IDC what you say, I REFUSE to let my child feel like shit all day, so guess what, I GIVE HIM MOTRIN AND TYLENOL! Ohhh the horror, I am SUCH a bad parent because I will NOT NEGLECT my child and let him suffer! PUUUUHHHLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!!!!! First of all that is your opinion, second, ummmm, do you know if you chose to just "LET" your child "have a fever" that to me is NEGLECT! Which, hmmm... well its illegal to NEGLECT your children... Be a parent and think of your child and not your own self, ohhh im too snooty and proud to use anything with red dye in it, wahhh wahhh wahhh, uhoh my son drinks koolaid on occasion too! Woohoo! Now Im a real bad mom! I also DO NOT force him to eat vegetables or drink water, awwww, im horrible! I bet ur mommy didnt force u to eat and drink stuff u didnt want to, ok take this scenerio, heres a pile of dog shit, im sure it tastes nasty, but u MUST eat it anyways... Would you do it??? Didn't think so... My son gags on vegetables, so therefore to him they taste like what you imagine shit would taste like... Now the next time your LO says somethings yucky r u gonna make them eat/drink it? LET THEM BE LITTLE!!! If they wanna b health nuts when they grow up, then well let them do it then, but for now, my son will take his vitamins and flouride pills and keep taking his colored tylenol and motrin! :) Its a shame these ppl lost their LO buuut I do not beleive it was from the tylenol, sry... u CANNOT OD on tylenol... and for it to harm their liver, uhhh it has to be taken in excess multiple times for it to actually hurt u... I had a friend try to commit suicide in HS by taking a whole bottle of tylenol and the doctor told her she wouldnt die even if she took 5 whole bottles... but regardless... red dye isnt gonna hurt ur kid, beleive want u want, but I prefer "natural" things like SUGAR and not UNNATURAL like ASPARTAME!!! Sooo... do what u wish Im just stating my opinion! THANX! :)
shellieforrester shellieforrester 5 years
I must say shame on you sarah for being so insensitive!!! first of all as a parent to two small children I do not run to shove meds in to their mouths every time they run fever or are feeling ill. As a mother when your child is sick the one thing you want most is to get them BETTER! a mother is not seeking to make her child worse by giving him/her medication. My son is 6mon old and the the night started running a fever of 102.0. Now to drs that is a low grade fever but to me that is high and I do not want my child sit and suffer feeling like he is sitting on a freaking stove eye!!!! I will give him meds to help the fever come down. This couple did just that. It said minor fever, but is defind as "minor" to you or this writer of the articel my not be "minor" to this mother. She did what any other mother would and has done and that was to try to make her baby feel better. How was she suppose to know that what she was giving him was going to kill him. And to your comment about the flavor, honey all meds for children are flavored now. You can't find a childs medication on the market that doesn't have some sort of flavor. If you do pleas let me know and please tell me if your children (grandchildren) will take it! they flavor these meds so children WILL take them. Now, let me finish by saying I am the type of mother that trys to "wait it out" as much as possible. i don't like giving my children medication with every cough, sniffiel, sneeze, or fever. However if I feel that they are sick enough and warrant taking medication but not bad enough to be rushed to the hospital, than I will do and I might add I would like to do it with out being call a bad mother as you have done to this poor mother. She will now have to live the rest of her life asking herself "what if". Just a little tip, be a litte sensitive to those who have lost a child or loved one to no fault of their own, and don't belittle them bc they did something you don't agree with. YOU have not been given that right!
Dianalucio Dianalucio 5 years
I gave my 19 month old Tylenol at the instructions of the nurse from the docs office. She is doing much better now. I'll be more careful using it next time after reading this story. Shame on you haters. The parents ofvthis child hav been through enough and j and j should have been more responsible. As a parent when I go to the store I trust that the product safe. Recalls usually come after the fact. That needs to change.
elaineMcGowan elaineMcGowan 5 years
Reading some of your posts have made me feel sick to my stomach. Where the he'll do you get off being so judgemental!!!, Sarah dokis I am sure your children feel very safe having such a perfect mother but personally I think such a hard cold person as yourself should not even be around children let alone bring God into the equation, shame on you!!!
Nera2525 Nera2525 5 years
I just had a chance to read full story, it would not load before. I don't feel sorry for parents any more! Any parent in their right mind would not give a 2 year old meds for minor fever and not one that is arteficialy flavored and colored.Sometimes additives will enhance srent of pain killer. Our bodies produce fever as a way of getting rid of illnes as fast as possible, when you are sweting from fever, you are getting rid of toxins. Moores just didn't want to deal with cranky child for a day or night, instead they grabed for Taylenol. If they were so concerned with this minor fever why didn't they call their doctor or took their son to clinik or hospital. I always tell mothers of babis or young children if they trowup blood call ambulance and poison control right away. They didn't do ether, shame on them, I hope that god toes not se fit to give them other children.
Nera2525 Nera2525 5 years
I feel sorry for the parents, but don't agree with their law suit against J&J. Is the money going to replace their child; NO, is it going to make their greif any less painfull; NO. I do not have small children, mine are all grownup, but even I new about recall and made sure that my grandson didn't take any Taylenol from that bach. All over the counter medications have maximum 2 year shelf life so I made my daughter check expairy date on the ones she had at home, knowing that if they were going to expire in next few months they were not from that bach. In Canada any product that has been recalled by company that produced comes off the shelf right away plus stores that are selling the product have to post notice about it on the entrance and exit doors and troughout the store. Also Newspapers cary full page add about it and media is responsible to carry adds like that on the air; radio and TV. I almost lost one of my daughter to Bayer Aspirine, she took it in the morning and was fine when I gave her afternoon dose she had allergic reaction to it and ended up having Rayes syndrum in a long run, our friends daughhter died from it and we didn't sue Bayer,both girls where 5 years old at the time. Furder more same daughter suffered severe fracture of her left arm when she was 12 during her Gymnastics practise at Rec Centre, because her spotter was not feeling well at the time, we didn't sue.She was 12 and was told by us that nobody can make her do anything that might be dangerus and she didn't feel comfortable doing it. First thing I asked her and her sister was why did it happened afterall it was a dismount of the foot high beam, they both said that she realy didn't want to do it and got talked into it, that made the whole thing her fault. Today parents are way to quick to shove medicine into their kids mouth, especialy to young ones like this one, 2 year old kids can have bad reaction to meds in a heartbeat. Acetametaphin can create liver problem if over used or used in combination with certain other things it all depends on immune system waith and age and hydration of body. In my case I was given prescription drug and at lesser dose than normal, guess what after 2 days my kidneys stoped worrking properly, normaly that is reaction to severe overedose and it happened with few other meds to me. Many children will be fine with meds one day and get sick from same the next day, we all asume that oure bodies are all the same and that our systems function the same, but that is far from true. Most drugs are made based on general population studies from 1950es, todays kids genetics are different from the ones in 50es. Todays mothers of toddlers should think long and hard before they shove convinient meds into their mouths, because what works for your friends child just might kill yours, kids today are not all the same, parents lifesyle before, during and after pregnacy will have a permanent effect on the child, so will enviorment where live. If we would all go and sue big companies when something goes wrong with a product and someone dies from it or ust plain gets severly sick they would all soon close their door and then what.
Amandaxxxxxxxxxxxxx Amandaxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5 years
Why blame the parents? If the bottle was tested and had a too high concentration of acetametaphin then absolutely they are to blame. Their QA dept should never have released that batch for public consumption. Furthermore, someone is usually negatively impacted by a product which in turn results in a recall. Why automatically side with the business? When you manufacture medication and food you have to test each batch. Anyways, my heart goes out to the family that lost their child.
CoMMember13629148071769 CoMMember13629148071769 5 years
I think it may be a little of one the recall, and two the parents giving a little too much medicine. I know that when our kids are sick we want them to be better and we will do anything to see them back to full health.
gocabdab gocabdab 5 years
I pride myself on keeping up w/current events. Most recalls, especially for such items as this, are usually reported through all the major news channels. Stores that carry the item remove them from their shelves as soon as the problem is reported. But, I don't suspect that the majority of people would keep up recall lists, so I can't in good conscience blame the parent's. However, Tylenol did exactly as they were supposed to do under these circumstances, and cannot really be held accountable for the tragic loss of this child. I'm sorry for the parent's, but I truly believe this a perfect example of what is wrong with the world today. No one wants to take personal responsibility for their own decisions. As a parent, if this was me, I would be wrecked with guilt for not having checked it our first. I would, indeed, be blaming myself. It's such a sad situation, but I can't see REAL fault on either side.
AnnelieK AnnelieK 5 years
Why would they even sell recalled medicine? That sounds like a dangerous system. Definitely company's fault. Poor parents.
kellycomper kellycomper 5 years
I agree with Kelly reeeves, why are people blaming the parents? The medicine was fautly. I have never and never even thought about checking whether medicine I give my daughter has been recalled. I wouldn't even know where to look! I only give her calpol and never seen any problems but who seriously checks if it's been recalled. Poor poor parents my heart goes out tothem. This company should be made to pay and should never have allowed a faulty product to leave thier factory!
KellyReeves KellyReeves 5 years
Be fair here now, u telling me every time ur child has medicines u check to see if it has been a recalled batch?? No we dont. I have meds for my kids, I know they are safe, but chances of me knowing if its recalled are slim. These arent on good display in the supermarkets here in the UK. The parents arent at fault here, they have given their child the drugs for age etc....its the copany that are at fault. My heart goes out to the family of this lil boy, RIP lil man xxx
SaraGutierrez97354 SaraGutierrez97354 5 years
Some comments on here are just too harsh. Shame on the parents who are perfect and have it all figured out. These parents LOST their BABY! Whether they failed to check the bottle of tylenol or buy Ibuprofen...their CHILD is gone! Where is the sympathy....My heart goes out to this family..I would never want people to be so hard on me, if I lost my child due to bad medicine that I didnt check properly or read the label or buy ibuprofen..I would want to hear encouraging words, heartfelt condolences.....everyone whos being a little too harsh...shame on you...put the stones in your pocket and save them for another topic more deserving of it! But for this topic, where a babies life has been lost and two parents are grieving....let them grieve...theyre going through enough already having to talk about how they lost their toddler..I think that reminder is hard enough...they dont nedd to be beat down about what they should have done or not done. Whats done is some compassion....My prayers are with Daniel and Katy Moore in this whole situation...May God give them peace and justice for the loss of their 2 year old little boy.
ShimaCochran ShimaCochran 5 years
One thing I noticed was that the product was recalled in April 2010, and the child was given it in July 2010. They had it on hand for awhile and although I'm sorry for their loss, I must wonder why they didn't check to make sure it was safe to give. They had to have used at least once before in that space of time as well.
AmberKingery AmberKingery 5 years
This is why I buy off name brands for my daughter , even though it is not 100% safe either there are far less recalls on the off brands then Tylenol has had just in the 5 years of my daughters life .
CarolMorgan74487 CarolMorgan74487 5 years
most stores, like walmart have a recall list posted. They post EVERYTHING there, from cribs and car seats to boxed mashed potatoes. Everytime i got into walmart i LOOK at that list to make sure something my kids are playing with hasnt be recalled and i check on things like Tylenol, however i use ibprofen for my kids, it gets the same effect and is less damaging to the liver, even in adults.
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