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Parents Do the Darnedest Things (For Their Kids)

Sep 3 2014 - 8:42am

I don't know about you, but sometimes I'll be in the middle of doing something for my kids and I'll think to myself, "Wow, this is some serious love." We thrive on making our kiddos happy, which means we'll do just about anything to see their faces light up with a smile — and often that comes at the expense of our own happiness. Because the truth is that parents do the darnedest things for their children, but most of us wouldn't have it any other way . . . even if it involves any of the following.

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Driving This Thing Home

You know this dude was not dragging this home for his own enjoyment.

Source: Instagram user gailshock [2]

Riding Inside One of These

"I can't wait to squeeze my giant body into the tiny train at the mall today," said no parent ever.

Source: Instagram user pineapplencoconut [3]

Collecting These Things

Because she will win that ice cream party at the end of the year, even if it kills you.

Source: Instagram user fabulously_frail [4]

Spending $6.97 on Ridiculous Products

Let's be honest, you're in it for the squeal factor.

Source: Instagram user kmounts16 [5]

Ruining a Fresh Manicure

Those soccer cleats weren't putting themselves on him.

Source: Instagram user shareerenee22 [6]

Agreeing to Babysit the Class Pet

. . . Even if it's a rat. Wait, what?!

Source: Instagram user callmecat14 [7]

Two Words: Black Friday

And yet, Santa gets all the credit.

Source: Instagram user lydiaemily [8]

Two More Words: Warped Tour

Taking your kids to the concerts they want to see is a whole new level of self sacrifice.

Source: Instagram user rglbest [9]

Getting Serious About Skee Ball

It's all about the tickets, and no "happy" child leaves without a prize from behind the glass.

Source: Instagram user gingermommaof6 [10]

Pretending This Zipline Is Not at All Scary

Sometimes a parent has to face their fears in order to get their kids to face theirs.

Source: Instagram user s_melendez [11]

The Same Goes For This Snake

"See, honey [silently screaming], having a huge snake on your shoulders is superfun! Try it!"

Source: Instagram user mtvaughn03 [12]

Riding Carnival Rides

Despite your fear of who put them together and your very real tendency for motion sickness.

Source: Instagram user mickeylover225 [13]

Sewing Dress-Up Clothes Back Together

Sure, you could just buy a new one, but it's her favorite, so, yes, you'll happily be sewing those sequins back on.

Source: Instagram user simplymodernmom [14]

Attempting to Keep This Guy Alive

Even though the kids will not be taking care of it, they will be devastated if it dies.

Source: Instagram user diana_fernholz [15]

Learning How to Make Rainbow Looms

And then helping her make them for every single person in her school.

Source: Instagram user ina.eye [16]

And Then Wearing Yours With Your Diamonds

Your kids may have been on a Rainbow Loom bender, but how can you say no to another handmade bracelet? You can't — so you wear them with pride.

Source: Instagram user minat922 [17]

Collecting His Pee

And then running errands around town with it in your purse.

Source: Instagram user _alexgier [18]

Relearning the 13 Colonies

You hated geography in school, but someone has to help your child figure this out.

Source: Instagram user gaby215 [19]

Playing Ridiculous Games

Just think of the memories...

Source: Instagram user nikkiraye02 [20]

Erecting an 8-Foot Teepee in Your House

So much for that Craftsman style you were originally going for.

Source: Instagram user tessafletcherwatson [21]

Making Your Wall a Giant Chalkboard

Again, the Craftsman look can wait.

Source: Instagram user ambeezy_84 [22]

Learning to Knit

And then knitting her doll's clothes.

Source: Instagram user elliebelliedesign [23]

Baking Elaborate Birthday Cakes

Or at least, trying really, really hard [24].

Source: Instagram user denisefoxall [25]

Dressing in Costume

I know, I know, some adults love to dress in costume. But when a grown woman dresses like R2D2 just for her kids enjoyment? You go, mama!

Source: Instagram user mickeylover225 [26]

Building This

Even though your child has long since gone to bed. And you've got tons of actual work to do.

Source: Instagram user stepharoo1981 [27]

Doing This

Way to take one for the team, daddy!

Source: Instagram user jdubb801 [28]

Tie-Dyeing Things

I swore I would never tie-dye anything when I had kids. Then I had kids and, like mostly everything I said before I had kids, totally proved myself wrong.

Source: Instagram user sparky_kb [29]

Putting Dresses on These

True parental love is dressing a Polly Pocket (over and over again).

Source: Instagram user ashughes5 [30]

Pissing Off the Neighbors

You know you want to steal this idea! Like I said, parenting makes us do the darnedest things...

Source: Instagram user greenie_sandiego [31]

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