Mommy Dearest,

On the Fourth of July we were sitting at the park waiting for the fireworks to begin when the families on a nearby blanket set up their picnic. One child who was no more than four-years-old started whining and said he wanted a beer instead of his juice box. His whimpers quickly became a full blown temper tantrum and though the mom refused to hand over the bottle, the dad gave in and opened the beverage! The boy took a few swigs and began screaming when his parents tried to take it away. To make matters worse, the father and his friends began snapping photos of the kid drinking, which undoubtedly egged him on. In the end, I think he drank about four or five ounces of the alcohol. I was in disbelief and wanted to call the police, but wasn't sure what to do. Am I overreacting?

– Teetotaling Mommy

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Teetotaling Mommy,

The drinking age in the United States is 21 so what you witnessed was against the law. While a child mistaking a beer for another beverage and taking an accidental sip is one thing, a father handing over a cold one for his preschooler to chug is quite another. Four or five ounces of alcohol is an awful lot for such a small child to drink. And, snapping photos and cheering the tot on is rather odd. I'm curious if the parents were also drinking? In any event, I think it's fair to step in and say something or contact authorities when you believe a child's well-being is in danger and this may have been such a case.

—Mommy Dearest

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