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Parents Found Guilty of Chaining Their Son Will Keep Parental Rights

Parents Found Guilty of Chaining Their Son Will Keep Parental Rights

A Minnesota couple who pleaded guilty to charges that they chained their 5-year-old son to his crib have been sentenced to one year in jail and three years supervised probation. 

Brian and Charity Miller admitted chaining their son to his crib from bedtime until morning every night, providing him and his brother with very little food. The 5-year-old weighed less than 30 pounds when his parents were arrested on April 21 this year.

The Millers’ parental rights were not terminated. Their kids will remain in custody of Mower County Child Protective Services who will work on a plan to eventually get the kids back to their parents.


Read the whole story here.

Do you think parents should retain custodial rights even after clear signs of abuse?

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