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Parents Jailed, Daughter Taken Away Over "Stolen" Sandwiches

Parents Jailed, Daughter Taken Away Over "Stolen" Sandwiches

Parents Jailed, Daughter Taken Away Over "Stolen" Sandwiches

Nicole Leszczynski and her husband Marcin did not imagine that a simple trip to their local Safeway in Honolulu with their two-year-old daughter Zofia could turn into a nightmare. When the 30-weeks-pregnant-mom felt dizzy while shopping, she grabbed a couple of packaged sandwiches from the store's shelves and started munching on them, saving the wrappers to be scanned at the register later. But the family was stopped on their way out the door after they forgot to pay for them while checking out with their $50 worth of groceries.

The Safeway management refused to let them pay for the sandwiches, and a police officer read them their rights and charged them with shoplifting. But here's where it gets bizarre: a woman from the state Child Protective Services then arrived and took Zofia away. The toddler was held overnight, for 18 hours.

“It was the most ridiculous chain of events that happened,” a sobbing Nicole Leszczynski told reporters. "It's still hard to believe what happened."


Safeway's response? "It appears we may not have handled this matter in the best possible way and we are taking the situation seriously.”

Read the whole story (via Imperfect Parent)

Image Source: KHON via The Imperfect Parent

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MichelleMayes MichelleMayes 5 years
There are ways to handle this beside jailing the parents! There are ways laws should be looked at too. Even intentional shoplifting of small amounts like this could be handled the way moving violations are, with a summons to appear in court later. I've accidentally left a store without paying for an item, the whole comment on the automated checkout kiosks (please check for basket for additional items) is because it is not an uncommon thing, especially with kids & a lot of groceries. Something is in the under carriage, or in the top part of the basket but you put your bag on top. Idiocy!
CoMMember13631158183376 CoMMember13631158183376 5 years
It is definitely not a good idea to eat before paying but she was a couple of weeks off of being full term, she has her two year old with her and she feels as if she is going to pass out, trying to prevent this from happening but eating a couple of sandwiches hardly warrants being arrested and having your child removed, surely? This is one of the most ridiculous things I've read in a while!
NicholetteWilcock NicholetteWilcock 5 years
when i was pregnant with my 1st child i had a busy day running errands and as i was orderin my lunch i nearly passed out but thankfully the server who was taking my order noticed told me to take a seat and my meal would be brought to me i handed my cash over to her i was hardly showing either yet the server was humane enough to notice i needed to be sittin not standing before i fainted and my meal was delivered to me with my exact change. i was shown courteousness yet it shocks that a woman who was 30wks pregnant with her husband and child were treated like criminals for a honest mistake which they tried to rectify. god i am ashamed of those making accusations towards this poor couple even after the event considerin the husband was in service protecting the rights of others is a tragic state of affairs when his own family's rights were trampled and disregarded. from an aussie mum who knows what its like to be dizzy, nauseous and pregnant.
NicholetteWilcock NicholetteWilcock 5 years
holy cow! they should have handled it better considering mother was obviously pregnant. if she had fainted on their premises it would be another story indeed. for the stress of it all i think the store ought to do more than say hey sorry we were idiots.
AngelitaEllison AngelitaEllison 5 years
Just reading the comments, it's rediculous how many people think it is okay to eat food from the store without paying for it first. At store is not a restaurant. If you need snacks while shoping, bring them with you. I know what it is like to be pregnant and get dizzy. I was in a class at college when I felt dizzy. I got up and got some water. I survived without eating until after class. She could have left the store, got something to eat and came back. She could have paid for something to eat, eaten it and then continued shoping. I understand that she needed something to eat and I believe the store should have let her pay for the food, but wrong is wrong. I never eat food in the store that I haven't paid for and I don't think it is right to do so.
AngelitaEllison AngelitaEllison 5 years
This is why you shouldn't eat anything in the store until you pay for it. I also think that the store should have let her pay for the food when she offered.
JennettaLorman JennettaLorman 5 years
really they were sandwitches. lets waist more tax payers money and give her 25 to life. people are sooo stupid.
SusannaHunt SusannaHunt 5 years
First, I have children and have been pregnant multiple times. I ALWAYS had snack in my car and readily available. Second, she tried to leave without wasn't that she took the wrappers to the register. Also, it was more than one sandwich. And lastly, if she was faint, candy would have done the trick better...duh.
LornaGreen44148 LornaGreen44148 5 years
I have done this on occasion, eaten something at the store and then paid for it later at the register. It's either that or faint. The store is at fault. She obviously was not a thief if she paid for the rest of the food she had. Stupid thing to happen. Safeway went overboard.
heather33522 heather33522 5 years
@Alana Heaton, Amanda Rhyan and any other heartless, childless, simple minded person commenting about first paying, the facts that we were given was that she felt dizzy and faint. Is her falling to the ground risking the life of her unborn child really worth $5?? When you feel faint you have only a short while before everything goes black. You honestly mean to tell me that you would expect her husband to leave his ill pregnant wife and child, run to the front of the store to stand on a possible line to pay for a sandwich, run back and expect her to still be standing. Well I don't think any decent human being would expect that. Also incase you were not aware of this fact, let me enlighten you:: absent mindedness is a pregnancy symptom. So is dizziness and faint. Also it isn't technically shoplifting unless she left the premises without paying. The point is tact or common sense was not used here and that is the real crime.
TuloniKirkland TuloniKirkland 5 years
The manager of the store is a cold-hearted person. The entire matter could have been settled right there if us had just let the woman pay for the food. The police officer could have handled it better as well without the arrest.
Nikkitoumazidesgrivas Nikkitoumazidesgrivas 5 years
@Andrea Poffenroth - with you 100 percent!!! What is this world coming to?? They took her child away for something this stupid, and all people can say is "law is law????!!!!" OMG!!
AngelaBreunis AngelaBreunis 5 years
I have done this.... IE open food I am going to pay for and let myself or toddler munch. The punishment is too much and esp taking the chlld away.
DianaChastain DianaChastain 5 years
I can't believe they wouldn't let her pay for them. I could understand needing to eat being pregnant. I use to feel nauseous and dizzy if I didn't. I can also understand forgetting to pay. I personally would have paid for them before hand. But Safe Way should have handled the situation better.
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