The tie between parent and child runs deep, but would you be willing to break the law or even live underground to keep your offspring?  Custody battles or spousal suspicions can lead moms and dads to make rash decisions — some take their kids and run.  We've seen that breaks in the system can occur; recent news headlines have showcased one father's tireless efforts to get his son back from Brazil after his mother fled there and died.  Another American dad is fighting the Italian foster system after his ex took their boy to her native land before being declared unfit to care for him.  Now, Christopher Savoie sits in a Japanese jail after going there to pick up his two kids who were illegally taken there by his ex-wife.  Just the thought of this happening is enough to leave a lump in any mom or dad's throat.  If you were in a situation and despite the law knew you might not see your children again, would you consider kidnapping?