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State Wants to Pull Parents' Driver's Licenses For Child's Truancy

Who's to blame when a child misses too many school days? In West Virginia, a state senator thinks that parents should be held responsible and be punished if their lil ones are absent for 10 or more days. In a bill state Sen. Erik Wells will introduce to the state legislature, the parents of perpetually absent students will have their driver's licenses taken away for a few days. According to Wells, the bill is intended to increase awareness about the value of education. He said:

I think responsibility has to start somewhere and it is the parents' responsibility as parents to put the welfare of their child first, and one of those aspects is to get the child to school.

What's your opinion?

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lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
I disagree, Anonymous; I think this would absolutely help. As a teacher I am constantly annoyed and discouraged by how parents do not value their children's education and allow them to miss school. I've sat in truancy meetings, and short of a very small percentage of extenuating circumstances (such as a student who suffered from severe asthmatic attacks or a single dad who lived far away and had trouble getting his daughter to school on time), parents act like it's no big deal that their children are missing important teachings. Something needs to be done, and if it has to be this drastic then so be it...
katiekat95 katiekat95 6 years
Dont think taking their drivers licenses away will help. I teach in an inner city school and the excuse we usually get for excessive absences/tardies is that they dont have a car and can't get the child to school. But....something extreme does have to be done. I have children that have missed 25+ days of school.
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
exactly. rules are for people who follow them. if you don't think the law that says your kid has to be in school is important, you probably don't care about driving w/o a license either.
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