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Parents Ordered to Return Adopted Baby

Parents Ordered to Return Adopted Baby

A judge in Utah has ruled that a U.S. Army drill instructor, Terry Achane, can have his 21-month-old daughter returned to him by her adoptive parents. Achane's lawyer said that the dad only learned of his daughter's existence several weeks after she was born and had already been adopted.

The adoptive parents, Jared and Kristi Frei, have been fighting to keep custody of the baby and plan to appeal the judge's ruling.

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Image Source: ABC News

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JMS77087 JMS77087 4 years
The Mother should have settled with the bio father first, he must simply be over the moon. And yes If the new parents did in fact know Father did not give his consent, then really that baby should of only been in care until that mess was sorted, all seems a bit presumptuous. Fostering Adoption whatever should always be the last resort for babies and children to be able to have a good home, obvious the Mother intentions was to keep that information away from him. Why does so much bad news come from America about these matters. Working with in the Hague convention should protect these things and all concerned, from these very issues from ever happening. If was the agencies problem then they should be shut down, goodness this does not represent the thousands of transparent adoptions that are done with very high over sight. Lest when you adopt a older child that has waited for years for a home, lest one can have a clear conscience that every other avenue and stone is turned over in favor of a child first to go to a home of of any extended family etc and "for that child's best interests" before been adopted out, and only then after many mths and or lest 2-3 yrs that Child can be released. Sad may be for the adoptive parents, but one always need do right for the baby or child and yes for the bio parents if that is right as well, "give parents due time to consider all issues 100%, heck lest the baby was still only 18mths, and not over 5 like many that have waited for so long for a home to go to. No one can say the bio dad wi be a bag guy, actual see lest he has had a very grounded job. Comment about wether the baby had to go back to it dad,Heather - commented on Dec 10, 2012 really if he and the Mum where married, 1 day or 1 yr, really has nothing to do with others here how long he was with his wife, thats their business to of sort properly and has been , and thats t his baby as much was hers baby full stop. Wonder did the bio Mum get all her medicals paid for by others when she was pregnant , um hear that a lot. Regards
Andrea21611 Andrea21611 4 years
I agree with this decision. The father has a right to raise his child, plus again the adoptive parents knew that the father never consented to this. When it comes down to these circumstances I believe the judge made the right decision.
AmberBams AmberBams 4 years
I feel sorry for the adoptive parents, but i dont believe they acted in goodfaith, i feel worse for the other children in that family, who likely cant comprehend whats going on, and will be "losing" a sibling. I feel awful for the father, having had to fight for his own child, so Im glad it was ruled that he's getting his daughter, and i hope to heaven he steps up and is a great father to her.
ElizabethDavis24657 ElizabethDavis24657 4 years
This is such a sad story for both parties. I know these people have adopted this little girl and raised her for 21 months, but they were told many, many months ago the bio father did not consent to the adoption and wanted his hold back. They should have relinquished custody when they found out and it would have been done and settled by now.
BethanyLynn BethanyLynn 4 years
And people wonder why there are so many unadopted children in the US? These sorts of cases would be the reason why. I just read a different case like this in the newspaper. What is the point of adoption, if the adoptive parents can get attached, only to have the child removed?
JoCato JoCato 4 years
Finally, justice is served. Will I am saddened that a loving family adopted this beauiful child. I am very elated that the child is returned to his biological father. The mother (his legal wife) was very deceitful in not letting her husband know of her plans. I am happy the father won!!!
DeeCarmona DeeCarmona 4 years
Regarding some comments on this site: to Heather - The Baby's Father and Mother are legally married!!!! He is a Serviceman in the United States Army. The father was deployed and the mother did not tell the father that she had the baby and gave it up for adoption. That is being deceitful. It was not a one nighter as you state. I for one am very happy that the father has won. There are not many fathers who take care of their children. Its sad that the Adoption agency lied to all the people involved. They should be held accountable for what transpired.
Heather9812 Heather9812 4 years
This is DISGRACEFUL! The baby should of been left with the adoptive parents. She has lived with them for 18 months!! She knows them as mommy and daddy - now she has been TORE from her loving family and given to a stranger - someone she has no emotional bond with. This WAS NOT done in the childs best interests! This was done in the Birth fathers best interests. The Birth FATHER is clearly not bothered about fathering children as its obvious he has a 1 nighter with the birth mom, not CARING if she fell pregnant or not!! the Judge should be ashamed of himself, forcing this little girl into a terrifying situation with strangers! She doesnt know if hes going to hurt her or love her! All she knows is that she will never see her mummy and daddy again.
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