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Parents Reveal the Sex of Their Child after 5 Years

Parents Reveal the Sex of Their Child after 5 Years

Five years after their baby was born, parents Beck Laxton and Kieran Cooper have finally revealed the sex of their child. The couple who raised their child as "gender neutral" for five years keeping his sex a secret only known to a handful of close friends and relatives have revealed Sasha is a boy.

For 5 years, Sasha alternated girls and boys outfits, only played with gender neutral toys and was referred to by his parents as "The Infant."

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Image Source: SWNS via The Telegraph

MaryPoulson MaryPoulson 5 years
This pooy boy is going to grow up to hate his parents. Where is Children's Aid in all of this? Once he's old enough, he is going to be thoroughly teased at school. They should put him with a family who will let him be who he is, not who they want him to be. He really will hate his parents when he grows up.
KatieGoodspeed KatieGoodspeed 5 years
Could it be possible that the child was born a hermaphrodite, and the parents chose to wait to reveal the sex of their child until it was obvious what the child actually was? Many times parent make these choices at birth, and their choice turns out to be the wrong one.
AprilOKeefe AprilOKeefe 5 years
Who are these people and why has no one called social services on these morons??
JulieRains JulieRains 5 years
I agree with the comment about no combat pants, that is persuading him to be more girl when they encourage girly shirts. The problem is that society has made this stupid women's lib movement and schools and everything in the media are geared towards emotions for boys thing. There is absolutely no way for boys to be girls and girls to be boys we have actual chemical differences in the brain. This mom just needed to have another kid and try for the girl she obviously wants.
JodelleLloyd JodelleLloyd 5 years
This seems like emotional abuse. Why anyone would sensationalize their child in this way is beyond my comprehension. What exactly does it prove in their twisted minds?
jennyrobinson84063 jennyrobinson84063 5 years
This is not something a child can comprehend, I don't understand why they would do this. His parents have been cruel, unfair and dishonest with him. I cannot imagine the mental stress they have put on this poor young man.... Isn't it our job, as parents, to give our children confidence, teach them to be proud of who and what they are, no matter how different....
MelissaMcCulloh MelissaMcCulloh 5 years
So he was only allowed to play with "gender-neutral" toys? I'm wondering which toys she considers to be only for boys and only for girls. Was he allowed to play with dolls? How about trucks? Did he play tea-party or cops and robbers? I hope so, because my daughters do ALL of those things, and they know they are girls.
MoniqueDoubell MoniqueDoubell 5 years
This poor kid - he is probably SO confused. Now that his parents decided that he is after all a boy - what are they going to do when he wants to wear the Pink dress to a party???? Insane....
KellyWalkerEveritt KellyWalkerEveritt 5 years
Poor kido, his parents need to get over it and deal with the fact they have a boy. We are not a gender neutral society and people fit into their "roles" naturally, we are hard wired that way due to hormones. That being said that doesn't mean that girls can't play with traditional "boys" toys and boys can't play with "traditional" girls and we all fit into a gender specific box. My daughter wants long hair and hates dresses. Loves horses and butterflies and loves trains and cars, hates Barbies but thinks Star Wars is stupid too. It is our jobs as parents to round out our kids and let them try everything and steer them towards their talents and what they love. Its hard enough to raise kids why make them a science experiment. Oh and in response to one mom, gender and sex are not separate and women are generally physically weaker because we don't have as much testosterone which is what makes men usually bigger and more musclier. As for women being inferior I could start whole different argument that it is religion not gender that gets in the way. As for society/media/products do not raise my child I do, so let them make pink princess toys and pastel Legos ( my daughter wants those along with her airplane sets) These parents aren't walking into a store and say pick what you like, they influence him by saying you can only have this and wear pink frilly stuff on weekends, but you can't wear the total opposite its not neutral enough. Perhaps that is what is wrong with our society because as women we have fought our way back to being equals by devaluing males.
HadebaShah HadebaShah 5 years
This is so crazy! What have people become over the years! This couple sound mentally unfit to care for this child, I'm surprised the authorities didn't take the child off them! As this is clearly psychological abuse! God made males and females for a purpose!
DhanashreeDiwane DhanashreeDiwane 5 years
These parents are insane to have done this to their child! He's a boy! Deal with it! Let him be!
RentiaButton RentiaButton 5 years
This parents = lunatics...!!! Poor child!
DebraShumake DebraShumake 5 years
These people should understand their child is not a science experiment. If he grows up and sues them, I would be on his side.
Amandaxxxxxxxxxxxxx Amandaxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5 years
I am trying to figure out how the name Sasha is gender neutral? This 'experiment' does not make total sense to me. If they were wanting 'the infant' to be gender neutral, why force the more feminine traits? The child could only play with gender neutral toys? I find that disheartening. Children learn by mimicking what the adults in their life do. My girls have a kitchen and a tool box! Let them play with all sorts of items, and let them lead you in play. I am all for letting a child be what they want....but this seems forced and more of a statement than real caring for the child.
AlexiaWelsh AlexiaWelsh 5 years
What would have happened if they named him David when he was born and then they decided he was a girl?
AlexiaWelsh AlexiaWelsh 5 years
I have a son and a daughter. I have always dressed my daughter as a girl and my son as a boy. I have not stopped my son playing barbies with his sister, and have not stopped my daughter playing in the mud with my son, but I also did not force either one of them to try all aspects of both sexes. I would never dream of putting my son in a pink dress or my daughter in boyish clothes. Your child should have the freedom to express themselves, and as a parent your job is to guide them, but this is taking it too far. What's next? A preschool for gay-minded children? I totally respect anyone for their choices and have a cousin who is openly gay, but his parents certainly didn't dress him in pink dresses and make him play dollies when he was younger. An adult can make the choice for themselves, but a child cannot possibly deal with something like that at such an early age, and why should they have to. Can't children just be children anymore?
TaraBills TaraBills 5 years
I think this is definatley crossing the line and might even be close to child abuse. There is a line and they crossed it. I feel really bad for this little boy, because the world is not the sheltered place home is and he simply won't be able to cope.
JerricaHissong JerricaHissong 5 years
So what happens when he goes to kindergarten and starts to realize that no body else did this? It's going to make what is already a difficult adjustment and make it so much harder for him. And also, if I heard a mother refer to her child as the infant more than once I would immediately loose all respect I had for her as a mother!
samanthamiller719 samanthamiller719 5 years
By denying this poor child normal interaction and development they are pushing him and moulding Sasha into what they want him to become, which seems to me to be more effeminate than neutral. I guess only time will tell what affect this experiment will have had. At what cost though?
ChristinaKerrigan ChristinaKerrigan 5 years
The sex of a child is not a stereotype, it is what it is. A child is born a specific way in utero, no changing it. What the child wants to do as an adult is up to him or her.......they are making more of it than society would. If he is a boy celebrate it and if she is a girl celebrate it. This is a little over the top.
BrandieVaughan BrandieVaughan 5 years
This is one of the most awful parenting examples I have ever heard of!I agree with the person who said God made this child male.
LaTaraFells LaTaraFells 5 years
I do not know how these parents can say that they are not forcing it, when clearly they are forcing it. God made this child a male, and they should raise him like he is a boy. Now if he decides on his own that he wants to dress like a girl or play with dolls that is his decision, but God made male and females for a reason, not for use to be "gender-neutral."
DebiStamm DebiStamm 5 years
Who are these parents? Playing God in there child's development will have far-reaching effects that will haunt them as a family forever.
AngieWilliams4048 AngieWilliams4048 5 years
This is complete insanity. Are they serious???? You talk about problems- this boy will have them because he hasn't had a gender identity for the crucial formative years. Good grief, I feel terrible for this kid.
DeAnnLetourneau DeAnnLetourneau 5 years
You all have said it really well. I'll just point out her obvious lack of intelligence and just say she is one of the "stupider" moms on the planet. This is emotional abuse. Terrible.
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