A friend of mine recently delivered a bouncing baby boy for whom she's head over heels. Having a son was a big surprise, and not because they waited to find out the sex.

At 20 weeks, the couple went in for a regular ultrasound and was told they were having a girl. Ecstatic, the parents-to-be proceeded to decorate the nursery in all pink! They even had the name selected when they went in for a second ultrasound late in the pregnancy and were told that the baby, in fact, was a boy!

To see how they took the news,


Coming to terms with this news took some time, as both parents had already identified with what they thought to be a baby girl. They exchanged most of the nursery items and clothing they had purchased, but were stuck with a few, like the Pottery Barn Kids crib set that was a seasonal item and could not be returned. It sits in the garage waiting for a sister that might come one day.

Though mom and dad wouldn't have had it any other way now, how would you swallow this news if it were delivered to you?