Back in the good old days, students were responsible for showing their grades to their parents by bringing home report cards.

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Nowadays, parents can rely on other systems to relay a student's performance. Programs like ParentConnect and PowerSchool enable teachers to share student's grades, attendance, class rank and assignments with their parents.

Clearly there are pros and cons to a system like this. For those with troubled children, it may help keep a pulse on what is actually happening when they are away from home. On the other hand, it can be an unnecessary tool to meddle in a youngster's life.

School is often the one place kids can escape their parents. Knowing that their every move is being tracked could cause children anxiety and frustration – even for good students.

Additionally, this type of monitoring risks creating an atmosphere of distrust within the family. As a parent, I believe instilling a sense of independence and honesty is one of the best gifts you can give your child. By hovering over them, you are stripping them of developing both.

Instead of mom asking her child how the history test went, she already knows.

And there is a reason why they cut the umbilical cord at birth — kids can, and should thrive without parental coaching at every moment.