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Parents Upset by Sketchers' Daddy's Money Sneakers

Parents Outraged at Sneakers for Girls Called "Daddy'$ Money"

SKECHERS - Daddy's Money - Gimme Megabucks (Black) - Footwear

The blogosphere is fighting mad over Skechers' new line for girls, a collection of of high-heeled wedge sneakers the company is calling "Daddy'$ Money." which includes shoes named Gimme Kisses and Gimme Wicked. Are they legitimizing sexist, entitled attitudes? And would you let your tween or teen buy shoes marketed in this way? Watch the video below and let us know in the comments.

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CayugaTurtle CayugaTurtle 4 years
I bought a pair of these shoes for my 10 year old. She could care less what they are called, who makes them, etc. She liked the idea that we (my husband & I) allowed her to wear a type of "high heel". We liked them because they lace all the way up & offer support for her ankles while she is learning how to wear them. She has had much shorter dressy wedges but not a sneaker nor this height. As long as people teach their children that the brand name is irrelevent, I don't see a problem in purchasing these. Fashion is a battle that we as parents must decide how to take on or not.
dannicahoskison dannicahoskison 4 years
Seriously??? You guys DONT see a problem? THAT is the problem!!! Welcome to 2013 ladies! How about we actually keep up w this whole feminist movement here. Instead of glamourizing the whole incredibly sexist and backward stereotype that women/girls are held at the value of their father's income and therefore use "daddy's money" to buy ugly shoes that are in fad this week, why don't we, (and try and keep up here I know this is still a stretch for some of us) teach our daughters and therefore the next generation of women a set of standards and values such as "MY money" and promote independence and earning your OWN money and learning the values of taking care of yourself???!! Teach them that they can get what they want for themselves instead of relying on daddy till they can rely on their husband! WAKE UP! This is way more than a shoe add! It shows them that they can just ask daddy and use him for his money to get what they want! Do we really want yet ANOTHER generation of dependant incapable socially unevolved women who have STILL not been held to the same standards and respects of men? What about a shoe called "mommy's money" that's all about young men using their mom's income to buy a shoe that they won't want in a month, instead of getting a job and earning it? I bet that would synch some of your girdles
ErikaMorton ErikaMorton 4 years
The only reason I wouldn't buy these for my daughter is because, as she said...they're ugly. Other than that, it's not a big deal.
Satona9290118 Satona9290118 4 years
I don't see the problem, either. I would buy them for my daughter if she would like a pair...
BrandiElmore BrandiElmore 4 years
What's the big deal? Some parents should get off their soap box. Instead of pointing your finger at someone for how they may or may not influence your child's life, point the finger at yourself. You can't shelter your kids from everything or they're going to grow up, be out in the real world and be completely overwhelmed and in utter shock. You've taught them right from wrong, right? Be confident in your parenting!
Lucy8102261 Lucy8102261 4 years
I agree "the problem is ?". Daddy sets the example for girls. What's all the hoopla about? It looks like its more about Daddy's girl than money. I think sketchers was tapping into self esteem for girls and the importance on daddy in developing that.
Stefanie3919364 Stefanie3919364 4 years
and the proulbem is
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