Sex and the City and Melrose Place creator Darren Star, along with SONY and NBC are reportedly in the works to create another show for television. The hour long must see is set to take place in the posh Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope.

To see what a Park Slope mama has to say about the rumored project,


If Park Slope sounds familiar, it's because we've run a few stories on the chichi neighborhood that constantly makes headlines due to baby and mama drama.

The beautiful area is notorious for stroller pushing mommies who sip on coffee and talk on their cell phones ad nauseam.

Local dweller and mother of two, Barbara Buenz told the New York Post:

I hope it's not going to be a bunch of moms doing Pilates and drinking their lattes because that's not me.

It might not be a reflection of her, but every girl in New York City isn't Carrie Bradshaw. I'm crossing my fingers they at least show the bar vs. stroller conflict in one episode!

After all, Notes from the Underbelly and Jon and Kate Plus 8 can't be our only prime time television, right?