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Babies Are Saving Hollywood's Wildest Ones One Birth at a Time

Former girls gone wild are the latest to join Tinseltown's hottest new "it" club — motherhood. Being single and sassy in Hollywood is still trendy, but apparently nothing gets rags off the rack faster than baby bumps and family additions. Angelina Jolie was a wild child who tamed down her life with the adoption of first son, Maddox. Following in her footsteps, club rat Nicole Richie and former child actor and meth addict Jodi Sweetin had daughters. The former Simple Life star credits baby Harlow Kate Madden with saving her life.

Certainly the transition into motherhood requires most new moms to shift from self–centered lifestyles to totcentric ones. While having a baby means added responsibility, it by no means makes you less crazy. If anything, it's likely to drive you more insane as you lose sleep, listen to Elmo, and drive carpool with Sesame Street blaring in the background.

To see what one lady has to say on the subject,


In the page turner Accidentally on Purpose, Mary Pols writes on the prospect of single motherhood:

I knew [my friends] has my best interest at heart, but it seemed as though they were recommending I go climb Everest without any oxygen tank. It was obvious from observing them that motherhood was hard as hell. At my monthly book club, half the mothers in the room would be bursting into tears over sleep deprivation or some trauma involving a negligent nanny. The other half would be vague as to what it was we'd read; they'd blame their dulled memories on breastfeeding hormones. One friend with an infant couldn't cope with the strains of motherhood at all; she retreated into the garage and sat on the washing machine doing bong hits between diaper changes. And they all had husbands. With jobs. And nice houses. Why would I ever want to undertake this on my own?

While some stars (Britney Spears and Courtney Love) could take a page from Angelina or Nicole's book, I just hope motherhood is something that keeps their feet on solid ground.

Did motherhood make you more or less crazy?
Source, Pacific Coast News Online and Flynet

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