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DanaArdiel DanaArdiel 3 years

exactly, neat ideas but with anything but peanuts, you must not have kids actually in school these days.

PrajaktaKadam PrajaktaKadam 3 years

My feelings exact! I was hopeful when I read "lunch solutions" but peanut butter????? Definitely who wrote this does not have kids going to school.

JacquieBrown1389456641 JacquieBrown1389456641 3 years

Schools won't let you send peanut butter anymore, or any look alike, like almond butter, pea butter, or wow butter.....they are all great ideas but not for school.

jannineosborne jannineosborne 4 years
I too never remember as many allergies when I was a kid but that was probably because I was just a kid!!!! as a mother of a child with an extrememly toxic allery to walnuts and who is anaphylactic, I don't have the luxury of being able to relax about it. yes she is old enough and does not share her food and knows how severe it her allergy is but I hope YOU never ever have to come across a small child or anyone for that matter suffering anaphylaxis.
kasiawybranska kasiawybranska 4 years
Really I never remember all this fuss when I was a kid about peanut allergies... Honestly if your kid is old enough to go to school they need to learn to be responsible enough to not share anybody else's lunch ever. At my school the kids just sit at there own separate table. I think it is ridiculous to force everybody to have to give up peanuts. As for the suger packed foods... I personally believe in organic and health... But hey every once in a while u gotta let go and give them ice cream. Moderation is the key. Hey no wonder schools are switching to peanut free there are too many people out there who freak out over everything.... I understand peanuts can be life threatening and suger is bad... But sometimes I feel like some people just need to relax a bit.
CaseySchmidt CaseySchmidt 4 years
If any of you commenting about schools banning PB had bothered to read the beginning of this slideshow, you would have seen part that said substitute sun butter or almond butter. And to the people complaining about sugar content, here's an idea- DON'T USE THESE RECIPES! I will admit the title of this article was very misleading, but I don't think all the negative posts are necessary. Feed your kids what you want. Last time I checked parents still had the right to raise their own children.
Joy14831039 Joy14831039 4 years
Most schools have banned pb due to the prevalence of nut allergies. Bad article. It's hard to understand the severity of allergies unless you have kids that are allergic. There needs to be more awareness!
filomena56805 filomena56805 4 years
My kids have at lunch vegetables soup, grilled lean meat or fish with vegetables and a portion of CH, such as pasta, rice or potatoes and of course some fresh fruits. They only have sugar on the weekends. I can't understand this concept of having sugar and high carbohydrates intakes in one of the mainmeals.
GoldenCupcake14830414 GoldenCupcake14830414 4 years
I'm not super big on commenting, but I must say (in the defense of the people who were shocked by the total PB&J idea) I got an email from Circle of Moms that said 10 NEW Lunch Ideas. PB&J was not on my mind as a new lunch idea. Maybe the complainers feel a bit mislead ... I know I feel mislead :( I was really hoping to have two weeks worth of cool/healthy lunches for my DS. Oh well.
HeatherAlstonFaison HeatherAlstonFaison 4 years
Why come and read an article about PB&J and then comment negatively?
KimberlyBraaten KimberlyBraaten 4 years
Would have been nice to see something WITHOUT pb&j. First, not all kids like that combo and second, ALOT of schools are going Peanut free to keep safe those kiddos with peanut/tree nut allergies, many which are sever/life threatening.
StaciWilliams73740 StaciWilliams73740 4 years
Thanks for the ideas! I'm not keen on all of them but some are definitely worth a try. As to the comment about it being irresponsible - Choosing what you & your kids eat is your responsibility and it doesn't matter (or shouldn't matter) what other people say or recipes they post. Eating healthy is a personal choice as is exercising. It is not up to other people or the government what I feed me and my family! If you have a problem with these recipes, don't use them! But don't think you can or should tell other people what to eat! I ate pb & j sandwiches growing up and I still do and I'm fine - even with the added risk for diabetes since both of my parents have it! It's about moderation not denying ourselves these things!
14819229 14819229 4 years
I meant extra health costs.
14819229 14819229 4 years
This is irresponsible. Are you trying to give kids diabetes? How about a host of adult ills, then? There is an obesity epidemic in this country among school age children. It creates unhealthy adults. And we all pay for it with extra health food costs. Healthy communities makes us all better off and happier. This community should commit to it.
Dionne30063 Dionne30063 4 years
i liked the look of some of them but the waffle one made me cringe so much sugar and unhealthiness for a little ones lunch. that PB&J burrito looked delish with the whole strawberries and wholemeal wrap, that will give them a big energy pick me up as well as being nutritious and filling. But hey don't get me wrong i'm not a healthy food nut i believe everything in moderation but no i don't think any child should be given a waffle PB&J sandwich unless you want them to have a sugar crash later in the day. Maybe if they were cut really small with a little cocktail stick in them they would make a great party food treat though! but not for school imo.
AshleyBurris1213 AshleyBurris1213 4 years
Stop complaining. If you don't like what you see don't use it.
deanna27 deanna27 4 years
Luckily, my son's school hasn't banned peanut butter or he would starve! We could always use the jelly made of fruit only, and whole grain bread products. Thanks for the ideas! We will try this.
ShawnaDyck ShawnaDyck 4 years
@TriciaSmith93554. There are now "school safe" peanut butter you can buy. I buy mine at Save on Foods.
BrandyGofourth BrandyGofourth 4 years
Our school does not allow nut products, but these are really cute ideas. My daughter loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so maybe we can try some of these at home sometime.
mezzamay mezzamay 4 years
I would not feed my children such food as it's very unhealthy. Highly glycemic with virtually no nutritional value (apart from the peanuts). Ideal food if you want to set your kids up for diabetes.
TriciaSmith93554 TriciaSmith93554 4 years
These are great, but most schools are now nut free. Any alternatives?
ChristinaWhitford ChristinaWhitford 4 years
These are cute but a good majority of schools no longer allow nuts so I won't be making these for my children.
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