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Pediatricians Dump Patients Over Vaccinations

Shot Shocker! Pediatricians Dumping Parents Over Vaccinations

The controversy over vaccinations is one that will likely continue for years to come, and as a parent, I've been operating under the assumption that it's my job to decide what shots and schedules I am and am not comfortable with. So when I recently read about a new trend of pediatricians refusing to treat families who don't follow their recommended vax schedules, I was slightly shocked.

The National Vaccine Information Center says an alarming number of pediatricians are electing not to treat families who refuse, delay, or alter vaccination schedules. According to a study conducted in the Midwest, 21 percent of the 900 pediatricians surveyed in nine Midwestern states said they have discharged families from their practices for continuing to refuse all vaccines. This is in despite of the policy of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which states, "Families with doubts about immunization should still have access to good medical care, and maintaining the relationship in the face of disagreement conveys respect and at the same time allows the child access to medical care."

So what do you think? Should doctors have the right to dump parents who don't follow their vaccination schedules? Or should they be required to treat all patients, regardless of vaccinations? Weigh in below!

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missmommy missmommy 5 years
I was forced to have my 6th grader immunized recently against my better judgement. After, we ended up in the emergency room with her feeling like she couldn't breath. Since the shot, her behavior has reverted to behavior we started to notice after the shots for kindergarten. She also began developing multiple allergies at that time. Now she has a little dry cough, just like she did following the shots before. I think there is a problem of too many vaccines. There didn't seem to be a problem with polio or smallpox, etc. There should be opt out for children with immune issues, etc. They definitely should continue to work to develop safer vaccines which should ONLY be manufactured in the USA where standards can be more carefully monitored. I think we should be manufacturing all our drugs in the USA. It's sketchy how often drugs are being pulled off the shelf. Recently they discovered Oxycontin was packaged on the shelf as regular Tylenol. It's out of control. New government please. More personal freedom please.
Nicole-Abbott Nicole-Abbott 5 years
I think it's fair. I wouldn't want a doctor who didn't agree with my decisions concerning my child's health anyway.
lickety-split lickety-split 5 years
Okay, color me selfish. :) As I stated, one of my children has autism, which was caused by childhood vaccines. Her autism is severe enough that she is no longer able to live at home (she's in a care facility) and takes an anti-psychotic 3 times a day to prevent self-mutilation. And yes, her autism WAS caused by the vaccines. I was there to witness it, while you were not. I cannot speak as to what has caused so many other children to develop autism; but I DO know what happened at my house. So I will choose MY children everytime, and gladly take the label of selfish.
waarala2 waarala2 5 years
You are a selfish human being! People, especially children, who are unable to receive vaccination are at risk when others decide not to vaccinate their child. Its so selfish and dangerous and reason nearly irradiated diseases are coming back. Of course doctors must take action and not treat those families….they have a responsibility to the public and their profession not to involve themselves in these horribly ignorant decisions! Some children and adults have illnesses that prevent and REALLY DO cause risks because their immune systems do not work properly. If your child truly is healthy you are an irresponsible parent and fellow citizen.
lickety-split lickety-split 5 years
^^ totally agree. This happened to us about 10 years ago (with a pediatrician in the bay area. So if you want to talk w/ her about it I can give you her contact info). After our 1st was diagnosed w/ autism, and our 2nd required ER visits twice, following vaccine reactions, we didn't vaccinate or 3rd. As my oldest was screaming and throwing a fit that no one could calm (as per typical), the pediatrician said to me, "You're putting my child at risk. If you don't vaccinate I don’t think I can continue to be your pediatrician". To which I responded, "You stopped being OUR pediatrician a long time ago". That was NOT a good match for our family.
Natasha-Dantzig Natasha-Dantzig 5 years
Yes, this is so totally fair. It's up to parents to decide what's best for their kids, but if their thinking goes against the doctor's best judgement, then it's probably not a good match.
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