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If People Won't Leave You Alone About How Many Kids You're Having, Watch This Mom's Video ASAP

Tova Leigh, a blogger and mother of three, knows a thing or two about other people getting all up in her business when it comes to having more kids. Tired of being asked when she was planning to reproduce ad nauseam, she posted a hilarious video called "Leave My Uterus Alone" to YouTube, and honestly, what she has to say on the matter is funny — and relatable — as hell.

She starts by recalling all the times people asked about her plans to start a family before she was even sure if she wanted one in the first place, saying, "It starts when you don't have any children at all and people ask you: 'So, when are you gonna have your first?'" Seriously, who doesn't love the constant "your biological clock is ticking" reminders? And who's to say you even want kids to begin with? After all, "just because a woman has a uterus does not mean she has to use it."

According to this hilariously outspoken mama, it only goes downhill after having your first baby. "And if you decide to have a child it does not end there. Because immediately people ask you: 'So, when are you gonna have your second?'" And if you think telling them you're OK with only having one kid, buckle up for the offhanded "your child will be socially awkward" and "they will not know how to share their toys" comments.

So then you have a second, a third, or even a fourth to "keep things balanced," especially if you had two kids of the same gender in a row. But Tova joked that then actually having more kids directly equates to needing more room. "You gotta change your car, change your house, get one of those big double strollers and everybody's going to think you have no life. Because you probably don't." Fair enough.

The bottom line: it's your uterus. So whether you want to have 15 children running around or none at all, take Tova's message to heart and stick to your principles during these uncomfortable conversations!

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